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Five Tips for Buying a Home in 2021

At the end of 2020, many people consider buying a new home or bitcoin. We’ve compiled a couple of tips on how to buy a home in 2021, based on the experience and recommendations of proptech entrepreneurs and crypto consumers.

The hype in the US real estate market continues due to low-interest rates. In the suburbs, property prices are rising because people are moving into larger houses and less dense neighborhoods. Some are moving to states with lower taxes. San Francisco and New York are promising locations for investment due to potential price decrease. Are you thinking about buying a house, but you are no longer up to this dream and the investment when you imagine the process? Here are five tips for buying a home in 2021:

How to choose a house?

In 2020/21 it’s easier to preview homes online. Almost all listings on search portals have videos, 3D tours, and agents make live streams of open houses on their social media accounts. We recommend and to assess the neighbourhood area. Visit your top choices. You can start the search without an agent, but we recommend you find an agent early in the process. 

How to find an agent?

There are over 1 million realtors in the US. Not all of them know how to close a deal during a lockdown, get additional exposure, or win a bidding war if the neighborhood is popular. Look at the social media of agents. Interview at least three candidates. We’re more than happy to recommend the most tech-driven and transparent agents in different parts of the country. You can DM us or write to us at

What tools do you need?

Find out about the tech stack of your agent. Request signing documents via e-sign, getting disclosures, and inspection reports via links. Ask which title company the agent works with and whether you can follow the process online. It’s like tracking your order on Amazon, and precisely what we are working on.

How to get a mortgage?

Now is the perfect time for a loan. Most providers have forms online; try and If you work in medicine or education, check out If your location has high competition, try to make cash offers while actually getting a mortgage. Sellers prefer cash offers. 

How to avoid someone stealing your money?

There is a risk for buyers: the wire transfer can go to fraudsters. More than a billion dollars a year are stolen via wire fraud. For example, hackers stole $700k from the Noar family in San Diego recently. This is also what we’re passionate about and working on, protecting transactions via blockchain technology.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us. This is our mission to help homebuyers achieve their dream with less hassle.

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