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Here Is How You Know You Must Change Your Real Estate Agent

Here Is How You Know You Must Change Your Real Estate Agent

As a buyer or a seller, you depend a lot on your real estate agent to find the right property or buyer. So, below are tips on how you know you must change your real estate agent.

Not Reachable by Phone

As humans, one of the first things that we do is talk. So, when you want to buy a house, the real estate agent should hear you out patiently; moreover, the agent should jot down details, including the specifications that you want in your dream home. Likewise, if you are selling your house, the agent should work with you to identify a reasonable price; the price should be one that will give you some profits, as well as a realistic chance to sell quickly. However, when the agent does not pick your calls, does not return them, or sounds snappy over the phone, it is time to look for someone else.

Discourages You from Going Through the Documents

You should read through the documents thoroughly and be satisfied with them. When you have any doubts or questions, your agent should be around to help you. However, if your real estate agent does not show you the documents or even discourages you from reading them, then something is not right. Consider changing the agent immediately.

Negative Comments or Criticism from Real Estate Agent

If your real estate agent is constantly being negative, bring this up. Any good agent will never say critical things about a property unless there is some hidden intention. Either way, stay away from such agents.

Sounds Irritated or Disinterested

The good thing about most of us is that we know when the other person is not interested or does not believe in us. If that is the case with your real estate agent, change your agent immediately.

You expect certain things from your agent, including responsiveness, commitment, and clear communication. However, when your agent does not meet these basic expectations and he or she has a negative approach to the process, it is time to look for someone else or maybe even a different company.

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