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How to Add an Extra Bathroom Painlessly

How to Add an Extra Bathroom Painlessly

Adding an extra bathroom can really deliver more value to a real estate property. A common pattern is that people are not willing to share bathrooms with other people. Thus, you might have to find out how to add an extra bathroom.

It Is All About the Location

Finding the right place for the bathroom is the most important part. First, check your waste and water lines. You absolutely need to call a plumber to get this right. You also need to locate a wall that is at least 2 by 4 feet. Ideally, you want to keep all the water in one area of your home. If this is not possible, you need to be close to those lines. Otherwise, the new bathroom will not work. Check to see if you can put a bathroom above or below an existing one if possible.

You do not need a lot of space to add a bathroom. However, you do need to choose the space carefully. The amount of space that you need will depend on whether or not you are installing a tub and/or shower.

Make Sure the Extra Bathroom Is Legal

Different states will have different requirements for these additions. So, check with the local planning authority for zoning details. The fact is that many people who buy houses end up removing these DIY additions. That is because they are poorly done. Get the work inspected and make sure that it conforms to all standards. Only use licensed and reputable contractors who can make sure that the bathroom is done in the right way. Ventilation and electric are also concerns.

Make It Luxurious

Even if you are short on space, there are ways to create an awesome bathroom. Try to make your bathroom tasteful and decorative, with matching colors. A common mistake that people make is to put too much stuff in their extra bathroom. Then, the clutter takes up all of the space.

Bathrooms must be neat, clean, and well-defined. Adding an extra bathroom will add value to your home. If you can make it luxurious with no real extra cost, why not do it as well?

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