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How to Avoid Evil Tenants

How to avoid evil tenants

Evil tenants can ruin your property. In fact, the wrong tenants can cost you a lot of money. It is essential that you do all that you can to avoid this. Below are tips to prevent you from making this mistake.

Avoid Evil Tenants During Open Houses

Having several open houses can be very time-consuming. Therefore, you will want to screen your potential tenants prior to the open house. All you have to do is to take five minutes to call or email the potential tenant. Asking direct questions will also help. The goal is to know the person’s background before you decide if you want to show the house to the person. If you have a gut feeling, listen to it! Do not risk your business and your livelihood.

Look at the Car

Another suggestion is to look at the potential tenant’s car. This is an excellent way to figure out how the person takes care of items. Although this might seem to be a bit intrusive, you can learn quite a bit from this. Oftentimes, the way that people maintain their cars will show you the way that they will maintain their living spaces. If the car is messy and dirty, then the house will likely be dirty and messy. Do you want someone like that in your property?

Talk to Previous Landlords

Build a list of questions that you want to know about your potential tenants. Your goal should be to get an answer to each one of those questions. Then, you can call their previous landlords. Additionally, you will want to talk to their current and their former rental managers. This will help ensure that you get honest and open answers.

To avoid getting the wrong tenants, you should not be in a hurry. Secure the time and do the proper research. By thoroughly checking backgrounds and past rental histories, you will save money and time.

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