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How to Be a Good Neighbor and Take Advantage of It

How to Be a Good Neighbor and Take Advantage of It

Learning how to be a good neighbor can come with a lot of advantages. One thing that you do not want to do is to make your neighbors angry. This might hurt you down the line. Thus, learn how to be a good neighbor in advance. Below are tips on how to be a good neighbor and take advantage of it.

How to Be a Good Neighbor

Try to adopt all the qualities of a good neighbor. Imagine yourself in the shoes of those who live near you. First, stop making any kind of noise late at night. This is the fastest way to annoy the people who live around you. Just about nothing is as irritating as insufficient sleep, especially if you have a newborn or if you have a stressful job. Many people are insomniacs; if they wake up once during the night, they might not be able to go back to sleep. However, they still have to get up in the mornings. Second, consider welcoming new people when they move to your area. Introduce yourself and tell them to feel free to ask you any questions that they might have.

Make It Work for You

The goal is to make the situation work for you, not to take advantage of your neighbors. You just want to earn points, just in case something comes up. For example, if they are the ones who are making the noise, you might find it to be easier to ask them to stop. You can also ask to borrow tools and appliances if you need them. Aside from extreme cases, it can help to be on good terms with people who live close to you. You can go to parties, share dinners, have some beers together, and/or even talk on the phone.

What to Do with a Bad Neighbor

If you live close to a bad neighbor or an evil tenant, then it can be a tricky situation. Even if you are doing your best to learn how to be a good neighbor, it might not do any good. Always remember to communicate clearly with this type of person, and do not to let any conflicts fester. Just be polite and try to avoid confronting this person. If a problem gets worse, you can make a complaint to management or to the police. Of course, this is the last resort.

Being a good neighbor is not easy. It often requires effort. However, the reward is that you will be able to ask those who live near you for help during certain situations.

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