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How to Become a Real Estate Investor with $999

How to become a real estate investor with $999

Many make the mistake of believing that becoming a real estate investor requires a significant amount of capital. However, while a large amount of capital can help, it is possible to start early with a small amount of capital. Of course, this will give you invaluable experience, in addition to extra income. You can become a real estate investor with as little as $999. Additionally, you can avoid many of the problems associated with real estate start-up costs.

Wholesaling as a Real Estate Investor

This is where you can really make an income as a real estate investor, if you become good at it. First, it involves finding a great deal and making an agreement with the seller. Then, it involves selling your deal to another real estate investor, while looking for a fee. Alternatively, what you can do is to partner up with somebody else who can help you increase your funding capabilities.

The Stock Market

In the modern age, no sum is too small to invest. You can purchase a share in a property-based mutual fund or an alternative type of real estate portfolio. This will require that you sign up on a site and familiarize yourself with trading platforms. However, this is a slow method, and it might not deliver a huge return on investment. There is also the potential that you will simply lose all of your money, if a collapse hits the market. Even though you might make a profit, you will still lose money to management fees.

Find a Hard Money Lender

This is a high-risk, high-reward scenario. These kinds of lenders will lend both the purchase price and the cost of repairs. Indeed, it can be the quickest way to become a real estate investor without large sums of money. Again, this will require you to first find a good deal. If you manage to do this, there are many options that are available. If you do not know how to do this, then aim to become an expert at finding such deals.

Your experience will grow with time. The $999 might not be much. However, using it wisely will help you build the expertise to have more in the future.

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