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How to Find an Apartment Rental in a Busy Marketplace

how to find an apartment rental in a busy marketplace

It is not easy to find an affordable apartment rental in a busy marketplace. In some markets like New York City, there are more renters than homeowners. Unfortunately, this presents a problem for some groups, especially for millennials and the hipster generation. The best way to approach your rental search is to try the following.

Use Social Media to Find an Apartment Rental in a Busy Marketplace

Using social media is the best way to find an affordable apartment to rent in a busy marketplace. By seeking the help of your social media network, you can find some off-market and trendy rentals for an affordable price. Facebook has a rental marketplace section that appears to be gaining ground in busy marketplaces. For instance, friends and family are more willing to help their loved ones find a place to live. Therefore, they would be more likely to share your request and post about apartment hunting with their network of friends and coworkers.

Hire a Professional

Real Estate agents and brokers are professionals at the pulse of the housing marketplace. They have relationships with landlords, property managers, building owners, and more. It’s their job to network and rub elbows with real estate owners, and many own properties themselves. Therefore, they will be a very good resource for you.

In some cities like Philadelphia, the owner pays the commission to the real estate broker. However, in NYC, you as the potential tenant must cover the cost. If that is the case, it is still worth hiring a professional to help you find an apartment rental in a busy marketplace.

Online Classified Ads

When I was in my twenties, many moons ago, I found my first apartment in a newspaper and the second from a flyer posted at my school. Today, other options include checking online classified ads such as Craigslist.

In conclusion, no matter how you choose to find an apartment rental in a busy marketplace, make sure that it is close to transportation, has a good walk score, and provides most of the amenities that you prefer. Additionally, do it the right way. You might not get everything that you want when you try to find an apartment rental in a busy marketplace, but you can aim high. Best of luck.

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