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How to Get Rid of Mice on Your Property

How to get rid of mice on your property

Mice have been a nuisance for property owners since there has been human civilization. However, the pressing issue about how to get rid of mice is still solved in exactly the same manner in which it was dealt with decades ago: with cats. In fact, using cats to get rid of mice from the property is the most humane way of going about this business. Using cats is a practical and natural way to get rid of mice and many other types of vermin infestations. Below is more information on how to get rid of mice by using working cats.

How to Get Rid of Mice Using Working Cats

Working cats are the cats that people refer to as feral cats or barn cats. These cats are not pets. Many animal rescue groups across the city look out for these cats. Dealing with these cats tends to require catching, neutering, and then returning them to their original haunts. These cats are not good with being indoors and, in fact, they prefer living outdoors. Property owners who are interested in attaining the services of these working cats can contact their local animal rescue group to adopt a cat. These cats prefer to live in a peripheral part of the property, such as a basement, barn, or shed. Moreover, in return for being provided with food and water, they can keep mice off the property.

Taking Care of a Working Cat

Adopting a working cat from an animal rescue group or animal shelter is just like any other adoption. The new owner will need to take care of the cat’s living environment, feedings, and all of the medical emergencies. Although these cats are not cuddly, they can be trained to trust their owners and look out for their homes.

A working cat can get rid of mice, but it also requires attention and commitment. Training a feral cat into a working cat is not as simple as bringing it over in a cage. These cats require large open kennels, good food, a water supply, and litter to make their transitions easier and more productive.

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