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How to Identify Your Top Prospects in Real Estate

How to Identify Your Top Prospects in Real Estate

Increasing your real estate sales has to do with more than increasing your leads. It has to do with identifying key leads that have a high chance of conversion. This will save you time on chasing leads that do not convert well. The best real estate agents use their time wisely. They focus on the highest converting leads, to increase their bottom line. To do this, these real estate agents will have an effective lead scoring system in place.

An Introduction to Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is where customers are assigned scores, based on their interest in certain products and services. There are many lead scoring systems, based on a number of criteria. If clients have emailed you, called you, and bought previous products or services, then they might have a high score. However, most scoring systems are just not accurate for your needs. People only purchase real estate at the right times, depending on their individual circumstances. They do not purchase just because they have read a magazine or visited a website once or twice. Buying a property is a big expense. The key to accurate lead scoring is to understand your client base.

Lead Scoring Is Simple

An important point to understand is that warm leads can quickly go cold. To offset this, you will need to have personalized content to meet the needs of the client, at the right time. So, you will need to make the connection between what your client wants and what you have to offer. Then, you will need to nurture this connection by understanding your client’s circumstances. Keep showing up with the right advice at the correct time, to maximize your conversion rate.

Identify Your Top Prospects

One of the best ways to identify your hottest real estate leads is by using a CRM system. If you do not use this system, your competitors are most likely far ahead of you. These lead automation tools will assist you with identifying the best leads. Many of these tools are highly customizable, so you can tweak the tools to fit your needs. Most importantly, the tools can help to pinpoint warm leads that are interested now, as opposed to last year. You can see who has been on your site within the last couple of days, and you can deliver the appropriate content.

To make more real estate sales, you need to identify leads that have a high chance of conversion. To do so, you can use the multiple tools that are available. Do not waste your time chasing leads that do not convert well.

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