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How to Kick out Terrible Tenants like a Boss

How to kick out terrible tenants like a boss

If you have the need to kick out bad tenants, this is how you get to do it like a boss. Eviction, in the real sense, is a legal process; of course, you must have full awareness of this, if you want to evict tenants like a boss. Navigating the mushy terrain is not easy, but you will still, at some point, have to do it, if you are a real estate investor. Here are the 3 major types of evictions and smart ways to go about them.

Rent Not Paid by Tenants

Tenants often lose the ability to keep up with the rent payments. Instead of packing out to cheaper apartments, they wait and hope to see what happens. On the other hand, you, as the landlord, have a business to sustain. This means that you have to make them move. The solution is simple; the straightforward way to push out such a tenant is with a quit notice at the end of the tenancy agreement. The smart way is to offer a cheaper apartment to the tenant. The smart way is necessary if you live in tenant-inclined states. This is because you might end up missing out on potential income during the time that you wait for the eviction process to complete.

Cure or Quit Notice

You may offer a cure or quit notice to tenants who violate rental agreements, such as tenants who have an unauthorized pet on the property or make excessive noise. Dealing with this like a boss requires you to offer clear warnings to those tenants. Of course, do not ever try the self-help eviction tactics; these tactics might include changing locks, removing tenants’ belongings, turning off utilities, and things like that. This can often backfire and put you in jail; then, that will not be very boss-like.

Unconditional Quit Notice

This is the grandfather of quit notices, designed to tackle repeat offenders. Just as the name implies, a tenant that has this served cannot find a way around it.

Yes, the process could be a little unnerving. However, if you are a rental property investor who is bent on creating a remarkable legacy while making income, you will actually have to manage the eviction like a boss.

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