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How to Measure Your Property in a Fun and Quick Way

How to measure your property in a fun and quick way

Finding out how to measure your property is essential. Of course, it can be tricky to do. It is quite common for people to try and sell a property to a real estate agent without even having the mailing address. Many vacant lots are just not available on Google Maps. Moreover, they will have no street name or number. Trying to evaluate a property, without knowing its size and the surroundings, is next to impossible. However, you can learn how to measure your property using an easy technique.

How to Measure Your Property the Easy Way

There is actually an easy way to size up your property. For example, there is a service known as Agent Pro 247 that can be of use. It gives agents the ability to find out the size and the exact location of properties. The issue is that the information on these services is not always 100% accurate. As a seller, or as a buyer, this is not acceptable. Due to this, we must look at other ways to find out how to measure your property.

Other Solutions For How to Measure Your Property

Most counties in the USA have Geographic Information Systems (GIS). These are highly accurate. However, the difficulty is that these platforms are not user-friendly. So, you might have to take the time to get familiar with them. On the other hand, they will show you the property’s shape, size, valuation, ownership, and other vital data. Note that the system for each county will be a little different.

Paid Options

If you do not want to waste time, then you can explore paid options. There is a service known as Parlay that works in tandem with Google Earth. It gathers and collates data from thousands of counties across the US, and it gives detailed information. This is the best option for house dimensions and valuations.

If you have a hard time finding your property, how do you expect to sell it to customers? In any case, you will need to find some solution to measure your property.

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