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How to Negotiate a Perfect Deal While Buying a House with an Old Roof

How to Negotiate a Perfect Deal While Buying a House with an Old Roof

Buying a house is an exciting time. Finding out that the roof needs a replacement means that you need to negotiate to get the perfect deal. Of course, negotiating can take time, but it can be worth it.

Take Your Time When Buying a House

The seller might try to encourage you to make a rushed decision; however, do not do this. Buying a house is serious business. So, consider every counteroffer that the seller makes, but do not rush. Additionally, if the roof is old enough to need replacing, do not settle for a few new shingles. You need to prepare yourself to walk away from the house if necessary, so do not bluff. Replacing a roof is costly, and the seller must be willing to compensate for it.

The Perfect Deal Does NOT Include Seller Replacement

The seller might offer to replace the roof before closing, but this is not a good option. First, the seller does not have your best interests at heart. He or she is looking to sell the house as quickly as possible and to get the best deal possible. This might mean that the seller might get the cheapest roof available, which is not what you want for your home. You are buying a house; the seller is not doing you a favor.

Get a Quote

You cannot talk if you do not know how much the repair or replacement will cost. You need to get a quote from a contractor. Make sure that everything gets an inspection. Once you have the price of repair or replacement, you can continue working toward the perfect deal. The seller might not offer you the full price of the quote, but he or she might offer other concessions.

Credit Is King

A part of the perfect deal is getting credit from the seller that can go toward replacing the roof. A common number is to go 50/50 on the price of a new roof, but that is up to your negotiating skills. You will usually replace the roof after closing, which is great because you will have full control.

Finally, you will need to get everything in writing, including the amount of credit from the seller. Remember, buying a house requires a keen eye for details, negotiation skills, and a willingness to walk away if the seller will not cooperate.

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