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How to Paint Your House Quickly and Effectively

How to Paint Your House Quickly and Effectively

Painting a house can be a time-consuming headache. Luckily, you can paint your house efficiently and easily. Giving your home a facelift does not require a lot of skill; it just requires some spare time over four to five weeks. Below are several tips on how to paint your house with ease.


The first step is to wash the siding on your house to prepare the surface for paint; this process removes mildew and mold. One recommendation is to use a pressure washer. You will need protective goggles, five-gallon buckets, cleaning solution, and a stiff brush. Note that you will want to wash windows, doors, and cracked seals by hand. For this, you can avoid the pressure washer and use a garden hose, a scrub brush, and a bleach solution.

Sand, Fill, and Weatherproof Surfaces

This is probably the most time-consuming and costly step in the prep process, but it beats the alternative of potential termites. First, remove any paint drips, burrs, or protrusions from the siding. Then, patch and fill any existing holes in the siding, and sand the areas once they dry. Additionally, replace old caulk; before you do this, you can practice on a small area.

Use Primer

Make sure to use a layer of primer. This is because old paint jobs and stains need a layer of primer that will help the paint adhere properly. Most importantly, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you use a primer. Additionally, please note that this job will take several weeks.

Week 1: Plan to Upgrade the Door

You want to upgrade the casing on the front door. Thus, choose a paint palette that includes two or three colors. Additionally, take measurements and plan out the placement with paper, before you buy and cut any lumber.

Week 2: Siding and Paint

Work on the lights, doorbells, and windows. Work from top to bottom. The trim should come last.

Week 3: Apply the Second Coat

Sand down drips and debris. Then, give the siding and the trim another coat.

Week 4: All About the Details

This week is about accents. Paint your door a fun color. This is the time to add that extra crown molding on the porch or a new doorbell.

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