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How You Can Give Back as a Real Estate Agent

How You Can Give Back as a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, your role does not end with finding the right place for your client. It is more about being part of a community and building long-term relationships with the locals. This way, you will build a trust among your local customers, and they will refer you to potential clients. In addition to the benefits, you will get a sense of satisfaction and peace when you give back. So, here are some ways that real estate agents can give back and connect with communities.

Give Back as a Real Estate Agent: Ring the Bell for the Salvation Army

Volunteers ring a kettle bell in stores and in other public places to raise money for the Salvation Army. It is a countrywide event that happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas. During this time, people from all walks of life volunteer for a two-hour slot. In fact, the Real Estate Wednesdays program allows local real estate agents to volunteer to ring the bell.

Give Back as a Real Estate Agent: Giveback Homes

Giveback Homes allows real estate agents to come together to build homes for deserving families around the world. The participants organize fundraising events, work with builders, and inspire others to benefit this social cause. This is also a great platform to meet other like-minded real estate agents who work to give something back to the society.

Give Back as a Real Estate Agent: Charitable Agents

Give back a part of your monetary compensation through the Charitable Agents organization. Sign up with the organization and ask your client to pay a part of your commission directly to this charity. Of course, you get to decide how much should go to this charity.

Educate Your Community

Educate your community about a specific cause, depending on your passion. For example, if you are passionate about reducing waste or about other environmental causes, come up with creative ways to involve your community in these causes. Educate young children and adults about their impact and what they can do.

Collect for the Local Food Bank

You can also participate in door-to-door campaigns or in-store campaigns to collect food for the local food bank. Keep large paper bags outside of grocery stores to make it easy for people to drop off their contributions.

Besides these ways, come up with your own ways to give back too. If you have the mind and the will to contribute, there are numerous ways that you can explore.

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