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Is the Blockchain For Real Event the Most Meaningful Event in Las Vegas?

Is the Blockchain For Real Event the Most Meaningful Event in Las Vegas?

Blockchain For Real is happening this year on July 23, and it may prove to be one of the most meaningful conferences happening in Las Vegas this year. The blockchain and real estate technology conference will be a gathering of leading blockchain thinkers, venture capitalists, and real estate influencers. Furthermore, Blockchain For Real will feature one of the most prominent billings yet for Propy CEO Natalia Karayaneva, who is one of the headlining event speakers.

What to Expect from Blockchain For Real 2019

A lineup of blockchain and real estate leaders will speak at Blockchain For Real, addressing topics related to tokenization, industry opportunity zones, and cybersecurity, as they pertain to the modern real estate industry. As we all know, Propy is working to transform the way that property is bought and sold. Expected speakers include the following:

Michael Arrington: Founder of TechCrunch, Co-Founder of CrunchFund, and Partner at Arrington XRP Capital. A CrunchFund property in San Francisco was sold via Propy’s platform for $1.6 million.

Glenn Shimkus: VP of Strategy and Innovation at the National Association of REALTORS. He is also an advisor to DocuSign.

Suzy Truax: Board of Directors at eXp World Holdings.

Attending Blockchain For Real

Blockchain For Real is aimed at real estate professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, fund leaders, and investors. Tickets to the one-day event range from $200 to $375. The evening will include time for networking, drinks, and panel discussions. Blockchain For Real is brought to you by the World Crypto Economic Forum and Propy Blog, which have organized successful blockchain events in Silicon Valley.

Blockchain technology is already transforming the real estate industry from the inside out. Real estate professionals who are unacquainted with the capabilities of blockchain can use the opportunity to catch up with the rapidly evolving industry. Blockchain enthusiasts can similarly observe one of blockchain’s most vital developing intersection points with the real estate space.

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