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May with Propy

The Web3 ecosystem has been abuzz lately, and we’re not one to sit on the sidelines. As builders and innovators, we understand the importance of teaming up with the right partners and following effective guidelines to achieve success. That’s why we’ve been hard at work, creating fresh tools and streamlining traditional processes to help you stay ahead of the curve.

May was a busy month for us as we pushed our innovative approach to the limit. We participated in tons of events where our team met with professionals from various industries to discuss influential matters. To make sure real estate agents are always up-to-date with the latest trends, we’ve also launched a special educational series of articles on our blog.

But that’s not all – we recently introduced our governance process and infrastructure for our community. And this is just the start!

Propy on Events

With the emergence of yield-generating protocols, Real World Assets (RWAs) are becoming an increasingly popular way to secure sustainable returns. They can be cash, metals like gold and silver, real estate, corporate debt, insurance policies, salaries and invoices, consumer goods, credit notes, or royalties.

Understanding the great potential in front of them and creating NFT homes, we at Propy joined one of the most notable events among Ethereum enthusiasts and builders – ETH Miami. Our CEO Natalia Karayaneva joined industry experts from QuickNode and Centrifuge to talk about tokenization, DeFi, and real estate.

We also attended another noteful event in the crypto space – the Ripple party in Miami where our CEO met with Web3 experts like partners at Arrington Capital, the founder’s team of Web3 Foundation, Polkadot, NEAR Protocol, and Web3 Summit.

Our team went to The Bitcoin Conference – the ultimate event that brings together over 150 industry leaders, activists, and enthusiasts. We had the opportunity to network, learn, and explore the latest trends in Web3 and Bitcoin. Miami Beach was packed with more than 15K crypto lovers from all around the world who were pumped to set the groundwork for the most game-changing financial system of our time.

Propy DAO

Decentralized autonomous organizations are transforming the way we make decisions by utilizing blockchain technology to simplify the voting process. This approach has given birth to Propy DAO, where token holders have the power to vote on major initiatives.

One such proposal, PIP-01, was recently put forth and garnered considerable support. In our first proposal, we shared a voting strategy that will include not only PRO tokens but also Propy NFTs, giving them adequate voting power in future decisions. The proposal suggested that MetaAgent NFTs, Deed NFTs, and CryptoCertifiedAgent (CCA) NFTs will have their respective voting powers.

After a 5-day voting period, the proposal was approved, leveling the playing field for PRO token holders, MetaAgent NFTs, Deed NFTs, and CryptoCertifiedAgent (CCA) NFTs. This novel approach to decision-making will help us achieve our goals more effectively and fairly.

Find more details about the proposal

Exclusive for real estate professionals: Game-changing Education Series

As a real estate agent, it can be challenging to connect with the next generation of home buyers and sellers. That’s why we’ve created a series for real estate professionals. Throughout May, we’re sharing innovative technological advancements designed to help streamline their work and to focus on what they love most: finding new clients and making sales.

Did you know that 83% of Gen Zs plan to buy a property in the next 5 years, and 37% of homebuyers in all categories are millennials? Millennials and Gen Z are changing the real estate industry with their high technical education and habits, searching chat communication instead of long emails and phone calls, and using digital currencies for payments. Learn more fascinating facts about these generations by checking out our latest guides here:

How Millennials and Gen Z are Changing the Real Estate Game

The real estate industry is booming, valued at $43.4 trillion worldwide. The new generations are buying properties like never before and sharing that they would buy a house entirely online (39% of Gen Zs). Realtors should find an easy and comfortable way to make this wish true.

Imagine being able to own a one-of-a-kind property instantly, simply by pressing a button, and having exclusive rights to it that no one else in the world can dispute. Well, that’s exactly what NFTs offer property buyers. Sound too good to be true? Not anymore! Our comprehensive guide on NFTs and NFTed properties explains everything you need to know about this revolutionary technology and its benefits. We’ll even walk you through the process of NFTing a property. Plus, we’ll showcase real-life success stories of homeowners buying NFT homes through Propy.

NFTs for Real Estate Explained: Your Complete Guide to NFTs for Real Estate

The Web3 technology lets real estate agents expand their reach beyond traditional methods. Social media is the key element in this exciting opportunity that connects people globally and drives business growth. With 64% of Gen Zs more likely to trust mobile apps compared to older generations and 77% of them spending time on Instagram and TikTok realtors should have eye-catching social media channels. In our social media guide, we explore how social media strategies can promote properties and boost sales in real estate.

How to Attract More Buyers and Sellers via Social Media

Once again, Propy is making waves in the real estate industry with its cutting-edge resources for agents. But hold on tight because the month of June is about to bring an earth-shattering announcement that will change the game forever. At Propy, we’re passionate about simplifying the realty process for buyers, sellers, and agents alike. So, get ready for some exciting updates from us in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled!

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