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This Montenegro Luxury Villa Can Be Yours With BTC

This Montenegro Luxury Villa Can Be Yours With BTC

Imagine floating in your infinity pool, sipping a cold drink and watching the sun-kissed Adriatic Sea out over the horizon. You hear the sound of waves crashing on the cliffs below. Behind you, friends and family gather in your four-bedroom, luxury villa to soak in the view and complete your dream lifestyle. It might sound like a fantasy situation. However, it can all be yours if you have Bitcoins (BTC).

Have Bitcoins? Live in Luxury off the Adriatic Coast of Montenegro

This Montenegro villa may look like something out of a James Bond movie. However, it is for sale, and you can buy it from the comfort of your own home using Bitcoins through the Propy platform.

The uber-luxurious villa is located on a gorgeous cliffside overlooking the Adriatic Sea in Dobra Voda, Montenegro. Nestled 70 meters above the sea, the villa is situated in an area with a mild microclimate and warm sea breezes. There are breathtaking views of the Adriatic from glass-walled living rooms and the bedrooms, sitting room, and terrace. The property features a fully-equipped kitchen, heated floors, and more. For those who will ever get bored of the 12m x 4m infinity pool, a secluded beach with warm emerald waters is just a five-minute walk away.

It may seem like this property is far from the reaches of reality. However, in just a ten-minute drive, you will find yourself in the midst of shopping, markets, and a full-service marina.

Montenegro Is the Growing Hotspot for Global Entrepreneurs

Aside from the obvious, there are plenty of reasons to dig into your Bitcoin holdings and buy this property. Montenegro is quickly becoming the latest hotspot for worldwide entrepreneurs. The country offers these individuals a low-tax haven, where they can gain access to a network of treaties while paying minimal taxes in the process. In addition, with the ownership of a property, it is easy to establish legal residency for a family.

Trendier countries like Monaco are becoming less attractive as holding vehicles for patents and royalties. Montenegro, with some of the lowest tax rates around the world, is highly suitable for a variety of business activities at zero or 9% tax.

Use BTC to Buy the Property

We all have a hard time parting with our crypto holdings; however, in this case, purchasing a Montenegro property with Bitcoin might be right for you. With the completion of this transaction, you could become a Montenegro resident and unlock all of the financial benefits that come along with that. Before platforms like Propy and digital currencies like Bitcoin existed, searching for and buying a house overseas would be an extremely difficult task.

However, now, you can simply go to Propy, find the property you want, and complete the transaction without ever leaving home and without paying high fees for real estate middlemen. After Montenegro lost Russian interest due to the country joining the NATO Alliance, real estate prices dropped as a result. Hence, there is no better time than now to enter the Montenegrin market and capitalize on the investment coming from the EU in the next couple of years.

Thankfully, property technology makes the process easy.

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