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The World's 1st Blockchain-enabled Title & Escrow

Propy 2024-2025 Roadmap: The Year of the Onchain Real Estate Movement

Picture this: we’re charting a groundbreaking path of building towards a real estate transaction onchain as the future standard. What’s on the agenda? Well, we’re all about making closings smoother & weaving a tight-knit community through Web3, and plugging in the latest AI tech.

In the world of Web3 real estate, we’re not just players – we’re game-changers. Our goal? To dish out value like it’s going out of style while rocketing Propy’s product to the stars.

And hey, have you heard about PropyKeys? Get ready, because it’s about to flip the script on everything you thought you knew about real estate tech.


Propy AI – title report/history reviewing.

Say hello to Propy AI technology! It’s here to take automation to the next level training our model on the content of the paperwork. This technology analyzes, extracts crucial details, and flags potential red flags in title search and historical ownership data. Propy AI triggers automated workflows behind the smart contract settlement protocol tailored to the specific states and types of transactions. This intelligent automation streamlines the closing process, ensuring a smoother and faster experience for all parties involved.

More data integrations for the smart-contract-enabled settlement protocol and escrow for fiat and crypto.

To better help the consumers and all parties involved, our innovative blockchain automation needs data sources. We are adding data connections to make it more efficient and smart. These connections will help predict potential hurdles and will save time for the closing process.

Enhanced responsive mobile view

Our system will receive a new look for the web over mobile devices. A long-awaited change that will ease our users on updates, and their tasks during closing using handheld devices.


Title and escrow licenses and AI models in more states (currently 3)

Propy will continue to expand its presence in new states. We aim to bring our innovation to new markets and drive further our adoption. California and Texas are the next targets.

More platform integration with PropyKeys

PropyKeys not only proved our concepts and innovation but became a major success. The journeys will be extended cross-platform to give the users Web3-enabled listings of properties as well as the ability to close a deal from an onchain deed (the Tier 2 in Propykeys).

New quests on Coinbase and other wallets

We will push further our partnership to make sure a broader audience will learn more about our vision and innovation through quests and other activities.

Partnership with a major brokerage

We are working on the next big partnership with a large brokerage. It will be the ultimate testament that forward-thinking technology can work at scale and provide benefits to larger organizations.

Social Features (Decentralised profiles, commenting, following/unfollowing)

Our dApp will receive dedicated Web3 user-profiles and features that will allow better management of assets.


First instant crypto loan protocol for real estate NFTs

Adding the layer of loan involvement in the automated settlement will mark a new era in our product development. Owners can upgrade addresses to on-chain titles and turn them into RWA NFTs—easy to sell or get micro mortgages. Based on the closing process conditions, we will add the ability to rely on smart contracts logic for secure and instant processing of crypto loans.

Partnership with a government enterprise

Building on successful pilot programs with government authorities, Propy is actively expanding partnerships. As our adoption grows, we anticipate announcing new collaborations that will further propel real estate into the future.

RWA era through a partnership with a REIT

Real estate isn’t easy to trade—it’s not affordable for most. The $280 trillion real estate market is stuck in “no trading zone” status, especially for the end consumers. Wall Street is an exclusive club, but Propy is forging strategic partnerships with REITs that will change the game. These collaborations will unlock new opportunities for both buyers and sellers, and people who’d love to invest in real estate, but don’t have the access or the means to do it.

Propy’s own digital signatures system – tailored to the needs of future real estate agents

Introducing Propy Signature, our innovative digital signing solution built specifically for the evolving needs of real estate professionals. Propy Signature simplifies the closing process by offering a secure, user-friendly way for e-signatures and document management. This empowers agents to deliver a seamless closing experience for their clients, saving time and ensuring a smooth transaction from start to finish.

Analytics page to visualize core metrics of Propy’s decentralized systems

Mapping a plan for training an AI agent on human behavior in transactions

Our vision will receive a massive overhaul and will truly become a self-driving system that is closing a deal matched with customers’ needs.

Real-time payments and automated pay-offs

Our payments through online banking services have become a huge easement for the buyers at Propy so far. We are extending the service to work with real-time payments. It will also encompass commission distribution or other needs for payments to be made throughout the closing process.

Governance experimentation

We will add different models of proposal creation and voting mechanisms within the dApp itself.

Appraisal experimentation

With the ability to test and tweak different models which enables Propy community members to appraise the value of different properties and other Propy-issued assets.

These are some of the major milestones we are aiming to achieve. We will work also on improving the UX, and be at the bleeding edge of the technologies as usual. We are dedicated to constantly improving the product not only by adding new features but maintaining it in the best possible way.

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