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Propy Global Ambassadors Program to Empower Real Estate Community

Propy Global Ambassadors Program to Empower Real Estate Community

Propy, a leader in real estate, is helping the industry to embrace blockchain technology in a big way. One such program that is empowering the real estate community is the Global Ambassadors program. Let us look more into this program.

What Is Propy’s Global Ambassadors Program?

Under the Global Ambassadors program, Propy has recruited more than 40 real estate professionals and supporters across many regions. Areas include the United States, Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

The ambassadors propagate the idea of using blockchain in the real estate industry. To do this, they work with different organizations and governments to explain the benefits of blockchain and its long-lasting positive impact on the industry as a whole.

As a result, these ambassadors have been instrumental in helping governments and organizations, such as the city of South Burlington in Vermont and a few other European governments, to adopt blockchain for their real estate dealings and documents. For example, the state of Vermont has tech-friendly laws that welcome innovative companies. This allowed Propy’s ambassadors to approach the Governor. With his support, Propy was able to start a pilot project to record real estate conveyance documents on the blockchain.

How Do These Global Ambassadors Help the Real Estate Industry?

Some of the biggest inhibitors of tech adoption are the lack of knowledge and sense of fear. Here, global ambassadors can help. They meet different real estate agents and companies, as well as thought leaders in their regions, to help with the adoption of blockchain for their operations. When these ambassadors explain the complete process, real estate companies gain the confidence to adopt blockchain; additionally, these companies can reap the benefits. The lack of knowledge and sense of fear significantly diminish. Thus, the program is empowering the real estate community in a big way.

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