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The World's 1st Blockchain-enabled Title & Escrow

Propy Making News

Propy Making News

During the last month, our commitment to disrupting the real estate industry caught the attention of many leading news publications. Here are a few highlights:

From NFT Gators, an outlet that delivers a daily dose of NFT news and insights from the ecosystem:

“…blockchain real estate firm Propy is selling homes authenticated by NFTs, while NFT ticketing solutions have been implemented by various Web2 and Web3 platforms to prevent counterfeits. Various entertainment and fan engagement platforms have also been licensing content to use for creating NFTs.”

Read the full article here.

From crypto and metaverse writer CryptoSkool:

“Propy is one of the first blockchain real estate platforms leveraging web3 to make the process of buying and selling properties more secure, convenient, and fast. On Propy, you can buy or sell properties using your bank account, cryptocurrencies, or NFTs. It is a tailor-made tokenized real estate platform for buyers, sellers, and agents. The California-based platform is the preferred choice for real estate investors across the United States.”

Read the full article here.

From real estate trade news platform Inman News:

“Propy unveils new avatars for the crypto-savvy real estate agent. The images, sold as unique digital tokens called NFTs, can be used on social media to market real estate agents to the crypto community.”

Read the full article here.

From the hub of Miami Tech, Refresh Miami:

“Silicon Valley-turned-Miami startup Propy is flipping the script on the real estate market with its NFT-powered home buying and selling platform.”

“The idea is that prospective buyers can tour a home (in a metaverse environment or in the physical world), see an inspection report – and then purchase the house in just a few clicks. From there, the record of ownership gets placed in your secure wallet. Home purchases can be made in crypto or fiat.”

Read the full article here.

From Real Trends:

“The Propy NFT Avatars come with access to the Meta Agent educational course, owners become members of DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and receive a ticket to the Web3 & Real Estate Summit. The Meta Agent certification and the Summit will help real estate fans navigate metaverses and Web3 proptech and apply the learnings to their daily business.”

Read the full article here.

From Sociobites:

“…the Founder of TechCrunch, Michael Arrington bought a real-estate NFT. Through Propy, he purchased the world’s first blockchain-backed apartment. In 2021, he sold it off for 36 ETH.”

Read the full article here.

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