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The World's 1st Blockchain-enabled Title & Escrow

PropyKeys: Freedom of Property Rights. How to Mint a Home Address?

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking venture that is set to reshape the landscape of real estate ownership as we know it — the birth of PropyKeys.

What is PropyKeys?

PropyKeys introduces a groundbreaking opportunity for everyone to mint a digital address corresponding to a tangible property.

Consider it akin to domain names like or Vitalik.eth. Just as someone minted these domain names years ago and later sold them to the brand owner, digital addresses operate on a similar principle, allowing early adopters to profit from their foresight.

How to Mint a Home Address?

Note: *Make sure you have at least 10 PRO tokens and ETH for gas fees in your crypto wallet. They will be needed to mint the address. You can buy PRO tokens on Coinbase, Huobi, Coinstore, or Uniswap. Find an Invite Code on our Twitter account or fill out this application form before you start.

  • • Go to your wallet like Metamask or Coinbase and find in their browser.
  • • Connect and type the address you would like to mint.
  • • To check your NFT find in your wallet browser, connect, and choose Base as the network.
  • • That’s it! Congratulations! The digital address is in your crypto wallet!

(If you cant see Propy tokens in your Metamask wallet, click “add tokens”, then “custom” and then insert the following smart contract address: 0x226bb599a12C826476e3A771454697EA52E9E220)

You can share that you are the owner of the digital address on your X (Twitter account)! We can’t wait to see your address minted onchain! Don’t forget to tag us using @PropyInc

Find us at:

X (Twitter) | Discord | Instagram | Telegram | Facebook | LinkedIn

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