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Restoring Homes That Were Built Before Donald Trump Was Born

This apartment was built before Donald Trump was born

Prewar homes are dear to us. Buying a home, especially a prewar home, is a very compelling notion. The appeal of all of the history, the sights, and the songs that the rooms witnessed never diminishes. Of course, a house that holds that much history will require a meticulous approach to repair and restore its former glory. The prewar homes would have been built before Donald Trump was born; thus, restoring these homes will require plenty of attention from highly skilled repair workers. The areas around a prewar era house that likely require more attention include woodwork, plasterwork, millwork, tilework, and wood flooring.

Woodwork from an Era Before Donald Trump

Wood strippers have to handle the salvaging of any and all woodwork in the house. This might include lead-painted walls, wooden panels, and wooden moldings. Additionally, it might include different types of doors, including pocket doors, flush doors, bypass doors, and bi-fold doors.

Plasterwork from an Era Before Donald Trump

Plasterwork in prewar houses also requires deft handling. Restoring the gypsum, cement, lime-based moldings, medallions, and other embellishments can make the house regain its former glory.

Millwork from an Era Before Donald Trump

Millwork is one of the signature characteristics of a prewar interior. Windows, baseboards, and doorframes in prewar homes showcase extensive millwork with adornments. These millwork trims need special care when you restore the house.

Tilework from an Era Before Donald Trump

Colorful tilework around bathrooms, kitchens, and fireplaces can be found in every prewar building. However, frequent contact with high heat temperatures and water can damage the beautiful finishing. Replacing them, without compromising the integrity of the original design, is very important.

Wood Flooring from an Era Before Donald Trump

Pay attention to the wood flooring. With the passage of time, any flooring can lose its original splendor. Installing new wooden floors to complement the traditional design of the house will help to bring back the charm of the house.

When fully restored, the glamor of a prewar home can rival even the glamor of a Donald Trump property. However, a prewar home contains much more history.

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