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Roadmap 2023: Review at the End of the Year

Our team’s product roadmap was ambitious and we over-achieved this year, by launching Propy AI. We decided to de-prioritize some items so we introduced Propy AI, and we managed to complete an astonishing 70% of the major planned roadmap, making more features and innovation than we originally anticipated. We’re learning from our customers’ experiences to constantly improve our product in the future.

Here is the roadmap we published at the beginning of the year. And a quick summary of what happened:


Login with a wallet to the web application

Go passwordless and access all the functionality via your wallet. Live and save time to the Web3 oriented users.

A brand new homepage helping everyone to find their best match

the journey is now smoother and people find what they need.

NFT a home

Our unique approach to the home selling, effortlessly, secure and quick, we keep improving the platform and will launch sales when there’s a lending product available on the market to integrate it and provide an instant mortgage product as a part of the flow of bidding.

What didn’t make it to the platform is the – Price predictions for properties listed on Propy.

We took another look at the market research we initially made and decided that we would need to postpone this one for a later stage, or wait for a ready solution to integrate with.


Ethereum Layer 2 Migration

Propy migrated its existing Ethereum mainnet contracts to a Layer 2 (L2) ecosystem. Announcement and details to be shared soon.

Web3 portal to allow access to all Web3 features related to Propy’s vision

Propy has developed its Web3 dApp to serve our Web3-native community members and will announce details and the product soon. This portal is designed to be self-hosted or mirrored via decentralized storage protocols. We aim to incentivize and encourage community contributions to the codebase. The primary purpose of the Web3 Portal is to serve and cultivate Propy’s Web3 community amongst real estate professionals and coders.

Real World Assets

We’ve introduced instant ownership NFTs for real estate assets on-chain. This achievement marks a significant milestone that unlocks a plethora of opportunities for integrating RWA DeFi solutions, such as on-chain mortgages and lending pools for real-world assets. LeaL.

More PRO rewards

The Learn and Earn program proved to be a huge success. This is its extension with more rewards, including tokens that can be used within the Propy platform. The latest ones were added as soon as the AI, Web3 & Real Estate Summit. Leadership board to be announced as a part of the Daap product.

A few of our plans has changed and we needed to push back a couple of items:

  • • New file and document management module.
  • • Consumer dashboard with price predictions.



With the new Dapp Propy the system will generate a certificate of ownership at the end of each Propy transaction in the Propy Transaction Platform that will bear all the details and will keep an immutable history of the transactions for this very property.

Propy AI and Data-driven automation

Even though it is an ongoing process, we made quite a lot to leverage machine learning algorithms and smart contracts to automate real estate transactions and reduce the time needed and the chances of error.

We needed more space and resources to work on the keeping the automation and the platform up to our vision, we decided to move these to 2024:

  • • Record Existing Deed on Blockchain v2.
  • • Stored on the blockchain, a deed will now be issued in a form of DeedNFT and will use advanced technology to make it an everlasting copy that one might access anytime.

UI/UX revamp the platform

We’ve made a lot of UX/UI improvements, but further better look with experience optimizations are needed for our web application.

Electronic Document Form designer – Oracle for Settlement, partly done


Manage your Propy Assets – on platform NFT management

Extension to the Web3 portal dedicated to the management of our assets and their utility.

Open source project – Propy Deed Explorer

Our own explorer is dedicated to showcasing the transparency and security of our protocol will be launched in the upcoming weeks.

More educational courses and updates

We want to ensure our education initiative is always up to date, and on point, we are adding a Propy AI course as soon as next week.

Better $ and crypto funds distribution

We are on a mission to add more automation and allow participants to receive and send funds in both dollars and crypto faster and transparently.

These will not fit into 2023, but will be included in the beginning of 2024:

Settlement Protocol v.5

Additional layers of functionality and planned improvements to our smart contract base to drive our vision to the next level.

More utility unlocked with PRO

Overall, Propy had a successful year in 2023, making significant progress on its product roadmap and launching innovative new features. The team is excited to continue its work in 2024 and bring even more value to the real estate industry.

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