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Robots to Replace Real Estate Agents?

Robots to Replace Real Estate Agents?

Will robots replace real estate agents? Not exactly. However, robots could dramatically change the way that realtors operate. Machines are already used to show homes today, a job that has traditionally fallen upon agents.

Role of Robots in Real Estate

While robots will not give agents any extra information about a home, they will provide real estate professionals with a greater deal of geographical freedom. No longer will an agent need to jump in a car for a 45-minute ride across town for a showing. Instead, a robot that is located on the property can meet the interested party. A screen on the robot’s “head” will display the face of the listing agent, who will verbally talk to the prospective buyer in much the same way that he or she would speak to someone through an application like Skype. These robots already exist from a variety of manufacturers. Rolling along on wheels or legs, they can make their way through the portions of a home.

Where Real Estate Robotics Will Go in the Coming Years

Over the years to come, robots will be able to map out homes, record floor plans, and take photos and videos for listings and other advertisements. Similarly, robots will be able to perform inspections. Using high-quality cameras and movement technologies to get into the nuts and bolts of even the most complex house, they will be able to reveal property secrets to interested parties who may never before have set foot on-site.

Many of the robotics services will become automated. We know this because automation is already transforming other corners of the real estate marketplace.

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