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Should You Buy Climate Change Insurance for Your Property?

Should you buy climate change insurance for your property?

Climate change insurance is not a direct purchase. You cannot really buy climate change insurance directly from an insurer. That is because it is not possible to calculate the effects of risks specifically from climate change. The term refers to buying property in zones that are not affected by the change. However, all property owners should consider protecting themselves in some fashion.

How to Get Climate Change Insurance

The best way to get this climate change insurance is to buy a property in a safe area. The sea is a primary cause of concern, due to tidal waves and rising sea levels. Other risky areas include earthquake or tornado zones, as well as houses near big rivers. Before you buy or rent a property, consider the area and what the possible risks are there. Do the research, and use a climate change toolkit to understand the risks of any area; this is an advanced software tool that assesses a number of risks.

Protecting a Current Property

If you already have a property in a risky area, there are still ways to protect yourself. Wildfires are of particular concern, especially in California. However, they can occur anywhere. To protect against them, fireproof your walls and your roof. While there are fire insurance plans, these plans do not cover owners who do not put safety measures in place. Even consider growing your own foods, in case of emergencies. It is also worth getting regular insurance where you can, as your property is more at risk.

Other Climate Change Insurance Techniques

A generator is an excellent failsafe, in case the power goes out. It can be a good idea to get some form of protection against hurricanes. This includes truss bracing on homes that have gabled roofs. As the earth is warming up, it is best to get a cooling roof that deflects the heat. You can also landscape your home with certain plants so that there is less risk, in case of a fire.

Nobody can predict climate change. But we can all make smart choices to make our homes safer. If you do not, it can cost you a lot of money.

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