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Smart Cities: 3 Things You Need to Know

Smart Cities: 3 Things You Need to Know

Smart cities might be widespread in the future. These cities save energy and increase efficiency for citizens who live in urban centers. Additionally, they offer many benefits that enhance the quality of life for all parties. However, they also have drawbacks, and there are legal problems that need to be addressed.

Smart Cities Have Serious Surveillance Issues

In general, these cities have serious surveillance issues. That is because, in these areas, appliances interconnect with one another. So, there are many ways to compromise customer information. For example, citizens use smartphones for a large variety of purposes, but these phones are quite vulnerable. Likewise, there are going to be home appliances that can monitor all activities. Even more, the home itself is going to be smart; it will send information back to a centralized regional hub. Overall, there will be the threat of increased invasion from the government and cybercriminals.

Smart Cities Are the Best Way to Help the Environment

Smart cities have incredible potential to foster the creation of innovative business models. In general, more data leads to better choices. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will be invaluable for monitoring energy consumption and carbon emissions. Energy use per household can be assessed. Vehicles can connect to an online grid, which will help with insurance, accident prevention, wireless updates, and sales. Furthermore, public transportation options will help to reduce oil consumption.

There Is a Long Way to Go

There is little doubt that things are moving quickly. Smart city projects are apparent across the globe, most notably in China. However, there are still obstacles for these projects. While the technology is already there to a large extent, it is not yet commercially viable. Further advances in fields such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are required.

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