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The Realtor’s Handbook to AI Tools: Part 3

In today’s digital landscape, the game has changed for realtors. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to unlocking new possibilities in social media creation and generating high-quality leads. Join us as we delve into the third part of The Realtor’s Handbook, where we unveil the most valuable AI tools you need to try to attract a stream of top-notch leads.

If you haven’t been following our blog recently, we have already covered:

  • • What is an AI & How it can benefit real estate professionals
  • • Some of the most powerful social media AI tools agents should try

Here you can find Part I and Part II

Now it’s time to level up and find these features that can benefit every real estate professional to find the leads they’ve been searching for.


BoldLeads is an AI-powered platform offering real estate agents lead generation and marketing services. It helps agents identify and capture potential leads through targeted online advertising campaigns.

Here are the features:

  • Lead generation – Catch leads early in their home buying or selling journey before they’ve started to look for an agent. Integrated CRM.
  • Follow-up – Leads are automatically nurtured long-term, creating future business for you for the years to come.
  • Manage engagement indicators from campaigns – Еmails opens, clicks, etc.
  • Tasks – Еmail reminders.
  • Funnels – We have it all. Automated funnels layered with the ability to connect with leads through email, text, or stealth voice broadcasts, all customizable to your audience and your voice.


Zurple is an AI-based lead generation and nurturing platform designed specifically for real estate agents. It uses predictive analytics to identify and engage with potential leads, increasing conversion rates.

Here are the features:

  • • Branded Home Search Website
  • • Leads into Zurple Software
  • • Analyze Lead Behavior
  • • Personalized Follow-Up
  • • Convert Leads to Clients

Want to find out more useful AI Lead Gen tools?

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Offrs is an AI-driven platform that predicts potential home sellers in specific neighborhoods. It provides real estate agents with valuable leads, allowing them to reach out to homeowners who are likely to sell their properties.

Here are the features:

  • Leads – Seller Signal Leads, Facebook Leads, FSBO Leads, Expired Listing Leads
  • Predictive Analytics – Territory Builder, Lead Feed, Lead Capture

Zoho CRM

While not exclusively an AI tool, Zoho CRM incorporates AI capabilities to assist real estate agents in lead generation. It offers lead scoring, intelligent automation, and predictive analytics to help agents identify and prioritize their leads.

Here are the features:

  • Lead & Deal Prediction – Zia can predict the likelihood of success for every lead and deal in your CRM, making life simpler for your team.
  • Zia Voice – Need some help? Ask Zia, the conversational assistant built into Zoho CRM. She can help you with many everyday activities, from taking notes to computing sales numbers. She’s always up for a conversation.

In the ever-changing world of real estate, two revolutionary technologies have emerged as game-changers: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. These powerful tools have transformed property transactions, allowing real estate professionals to streamline their work and speed up deals with enhanced security. With AI and blockchain at their disposal, realtors are now better equipped than ever to fulfill their client’s needs.

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