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The World's 1st Blockchain-enabled Title & Escrow

The World’s First Blockchain-Enabled Title & Escrow

Driven by our mission to simplify buying and selling homes, we progressively move towards serving our clients a more seamless real estate transaction experience. With the addition of our modern, web3-enabled Title & Escrow we are even closer to this ambitious goal.

Here’s what’s fresh:

  • • The world’s first blockchain-powered title and escrow company.
  • • Safe, secure, and transparent way to close deals on a blockchain.

Better closings on blockchain

We’ve built the world’s first blockchain-powered title and escrow company that supports traditional, crypto, and NFT closing. In addition, it records the title on both the blockchain and with the county registrar. Currently, our new service is launched for residential real estate transactions in Arizona, Colorado and Florida.

Agents in these states can now invite buyers and sellers onto Propy’s platform. They can all use it from offer to close, removing legacy processes and systems that slow down the whole process.

Our plan is to make title and escrow services available in all US states in the next 24 months. Keep a close eye on our progress and join us on our quest to reinvent the real estate experience.

Safe, secure, and transparent way to close deals on a blockchain

We passionately believe in full transparency and built our platform to allow all parties involved in the process of home purchase and sale to view and follow in real time every step in their transaction and close in a secure blockchain environment.

The agents, sellers and buyers can take advantage of faster, safer and more secure transactions compared to a traditional way. The blockchain closing environment minimizes the risks associated with wire and title fraud or loss of information.

With the addition of Title & Escrow, we cemented our position as a pioneer in bringing the benefits of the crypto world and web3 technologies to real estate. Now, everything is in your hands to connect the dots between the real world and meta.

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