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These 5 Apps Will Bring Your Real Estate Design and Renovation Activities to the Next Level

These 5 Apps Will Bring Your Real Estate Design and Renovation Activities to the Next Level

A beautifully decorated home can only be achieved through a smart property design. Modern tech has provided architects with several tools to craft striking architectural designs. However, there are also quite a few tools and applications available in the market for laymen. Let us look at the most dynamic apps that can take real estate designs and renovations to the next level.


Havenly offers the services of interior designers. Using the Havenly app or website, customers can ask for advice and services of an accomplished interior designer at a far lower cost. The designers at Havenly can help with simple tasks, such as refurbishing a living room or a kid’s bedroom. They can also help with more extensive real estate design development tasks that may include construction.


Modsy is a website-based platform that uses the services of professional interior designers. Once they have the dimensions of the spaces that need renovation, the Modsy designers provide 3D renderings of spaces with decorations from Modsy’s partner stores. Even more, the customers have the freedom to choose the decorations that they like best from the Modsy platform itself. Consequently, there is no need to manually go to stores or to visit different websites to make purchases.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a comprehensive shopping app, and it is ideal for looking into innovative real estate designs. It updates its consumer about the availability of desired products. Additionally, it guides the customer to the exact store location of each product.


The Wayfair website provides interior designers’ services. Even more, Wayfair is also a unique home decor shopping website. It features a wide range of home furnishing items and home appliances. The site allows the users to render the images of their chosen pieces into the images of rooms; they do this to get a rough idea of the items’ suitability. Furthermore, the purchases are ordered, paid for, tracked, and delivered right from the Wayfair website.

Benjamin Moore Color Capture

A real estate design can only be as beautiful as its color story. The Benjamin Moore Color Capture app helps its users to find exact color paints by Benjamin Moore. It does this by matching them to the sample photos that the users provide.

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