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Top 3 Extensive Hiking Trails in the World

Top 3 Extensive Hiking Trails in the World

Great hiking may not be the number one consideration that the average person makes when choosing a new home or city. However, for real outdoors enthusiasts, closeby access to glorious trails may be the single dominant factor in such a decision. Whether for relaxation, health, or friendship-building, roaming through dirt roads is a wholesome activity that more people appreciate each year. If you need a new experience and an extensive walk through nature, check out the below three lengthy hiking trails.

Extensive Hiking Trails

Pennine Way, United Kingdom

Pennine Way is the most famous hiking trail in all of the United Kingdom. While not all of the 268-mile course is close to civilization, significant portions run nearby Manchester, Yorkshire Dales, and the border of Scotland.

Pennine Way was the first long-distance trail created in England. From the start, Pennine Way showcased an incredible variety of weather and landscapes. On any given day, areas of the long path will run through snow, fog, sun, and rain, while settings such as moors, mountains, and verdant forests provide a feast for the senses.

Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The Camino is not one single trail. Instead, it is a series of pathways, all meeting at one destination: a historical shrine of Christendom’s St. James. The monument is located at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, and the network of routes hosts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and weekenders each year. Smaller communities crop up at various points along the way. Lodging is easy to find in any of these residential areas, making homes purchased in these areas perfect for renting out on Airbnb and other purposes.

The Appalachian Trail, United States of America

The 2,200-foot trail is the world’s longest hiking-only footpath. Much of the journey from Georgia to Maine is remote. However, numerous cities and towns dot the map along the way, including real estate hotspots like North Carolina’s bustling Asheville.

Whether you love to hike or wish to invest in a home accessible for outdoor-loving renters, homes close to these hiking destinations could be worth your time and money. Propy makes buying and selling homes easy.

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