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Top 3 Real Estate Influencers on Blockchain

Top 3 Real Estate Influencers on Blockchain

There are many powerful real estate influencers in the blockchain niche. Blockchain, sometimes referred to as distributed ledger technology (DLT), has had a massive global impact. It aims to decentralize power across many industries and to make transactions more efficient and transparent. However, bear in mind that not all real estate influencers are fans of DLT. Some view it as a threat to the status quo. Additionally, the hype has died down to a large extent. Despite this, many still believe in its potential. Below are some of the major real estate influencers who favor blockchain.

Blockchain Real Estate Influencers: Hunter Perry

Hunter Perry is a senior manager at Compass Real Estate. He has been touring the benefits of DLT for years. He believes that DLT is going to have a massive impact, even though the industry has been quiet recently. Hunter cites the advantages of blockchain, including smart contracts and instant purchases. He has always been a proponent of any technology that makes the process easier for customers and agents.

Blockchain Real Estate Influencers: Anthony Couse

Anthony Couse is the CEO of JLL. He has spent over 25 years in Asia, although the role was only supposed to last 3 years at the start. More often than not, Couse can be found writing on trends affecting the real estate industry. Because of this, he became involved in DLT and all that it offers. He cites many of the common benefits of blockchain in the real estate market. Chief among these is the benefit of easily buying real estate properties. Additionally, he has a lot of influence in the market, as well as the ability to spot trends as they arise. According to Couse, blockchain is going to heavily disrupt the market very soon. Because Couse is so successful, he is one of the biggest real estate influencers.

Blockchain Real Estate Influencers: Andrew Baum

Oxford professor Andrew Baum is among the most powerful real estate influencers. Baum is a major advocate of DLT. Moreover, he argues that new inventions will help to create a fairer world with better housing. Smart cities and DLT are two of his main areas of interest. He believes that blockchain can help provide people with cheaper housing across the globe. Baum is leading the Oxford Future of Real Estate Initiative, which has serious financial backing. This project aims to create a global real estate program using new advances. The findings of this research program are to be made available to the public.

Blockchain has the potential to heavily disrupt the real estate industry. Even more, it is already here.

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