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Top 3 Sexiest Cities That Are Currently Offering Real Estate Price Cuts

Top 3 Sexiest Cities That Are Currently Offering Real Estate Price Cuts

For people who are looking to buy houses without breaking the bank, some cities are offering real estate price cuts. This article carefully examines the top 3 cities where there is news that real estate is taking price cuts.


Nashville has several neighborhoods located close to the downtown part of the city; a typical example is Greenwood on the east side. The area is safe and within trekking distance. Additionally, the neighborhood has easy motor routes and minimal traffic. About 30% of the houses up for sale witnessed a price reduction. On the east side, 40.6% of homes in the Pleasant Acres neighborhood also saw price reduction. Although house prices in the southeast Nashville Terragon Trails neighborhood remain the same, a decent 8.9% of the million-dollar houses in the Granny White neighborhood decreased the asking price.

San Diego

Next up on the list is San Diego. For a very long time, San Diego was one of the hottest real estate markets. Although there is not exactly a clearance sale, San Diego witnessed one of the largest percentages of listings with price cuts; these price cuts increased from 13.2% in 2017 to 19.1% in 2018. In Eastlake Woods West, a surprising 46.2% of the listings had at least one price reduction; additionally, in this neighborhood, everyone uses car transportation. So, if what you are searching for is a more walkable and urban neighborhood, then the slightly more affordable Midtown is an option; 28.8% of its listings had reductions. The locals reported that the area has a family-friendly vibe and is easily accessible from downtown. There is also the Fox Canyon neighborhood; this area saw 8.7% of its real estate listings go down.


There are lots of unique neighborhoods in and around downtown Seattle and in the city; anywhere you go, you are close to a cup of coffee or a brewpub. In the affordable Riverview neighborhood, which holds the South Seattle College and Puget Park, there was a 19.8% decrease in the listings last year. Meanwhile, in the downtown area, where prices can be as much as $1,500,000 for a two-bedroom condo, only a meager 3% of listings showed price reductions. If you are looking for major price reductions, then you should be looking in other areas. For example, the Forster Woods neighborhood of North Bend is about a half-hour west from central Seattle; this area witnessed reductions in 24.3% of its listings.

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