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Top 4 Cheapest Neighborhoods in the U.S.

Top 4 Cheapest Neighborhoods in the U.S.

More and more people are looking for reasonably priced living. Fortunately, not only are these the cheapest neighborhoods, they are also amazing. 

Kansas City, Missouri

This former cattle town has been undergoing a renaissance lately, and as a result, this affordable area is also very trendy. You can find plenty of boutique stores, music, and breweries within easy driving distance of the Quality Hill neighborhood. Located a short drive northwest of the city center, it is the perfect place for great, inexpensive living. Furthermore, there are enough large corporations to make moving and finding a job in this fantastic city even easier. Not bad for one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the U.S., right?

Phoenix, Arizona

The most affordable neighborhood in Phoenix, Deer Valley Village, is not right next to the city center. Instead, it is right by two major highways to give you quick and easy access to the city without the big city hassle. This area is very quiet, and it does not have cute and quaint restaurants or shops nearby. However, it does have all of your necessary shopping nearby.

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama is a city full of history and historic homes. The amazing residences, combined with a growing art scene, are certainly making this a popular relocation destination. There are a number of fantastic neighborhoods, but ARIUM Inverness takes the cake. Built around Lake Dixie, ARIUM Inverness is a short drive from both large shopping centers and casual restaurants.

Dallas, Texas

Those who want an eco-friendly place in one of the cheapest neighborhoods will do well to head to Dallas. Vickery Meadow is just north of downtown Dallas, and it is right next to all of the action. This area has low-flush toilets and showers, as well as energy efficient ceiling fans and windows. This area is great for people who want to help the environment and lower their energy bills.

Are the Cheapest Neighborhoods Worth It?

This is a question that only you can answer. Moreover, an in-depth look will show you that cheap does not have to mean poor. If you are looking at moving, why not check out the cheapest neighborhoods first? What you find might surprise you.

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