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Top 4 Neighborhoods with Wild Turkeys

Top 4 Neighborhoods with Wild Turkeys

Everyone has different reasons for loving their neighborhoods. For some people, it is the little businesses around the community; for some others, it is the wildlife. In some communities, the neighbors like to see wild turkeys strutting down the streets and gobbling through their yards and gardens. The below neighborhoods have the highest concentration of wild turkeys in the United States.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Upper and Lower East Side

Generally known as the East Side, Milwaukee’s Upper East Side and Lower East Side neighborhoods are largely urban; however, they do come with a bit of wildlife. Thanks to its location between McKinley Park, Lake Park, Veterans Park, and the Riverside Park, the area has a few surprising city residents. Dozens of wild turkeys stroll around the East Side parks, streets, and courtyards.

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Highland Park

Next up is Highland Park. This is a small, close-knit neighborhood located in Michigan’s downtown Grand Rapids. The area is anchored by a big local park that shares the same name. Even more, the area has many parks in and around its woodsy, green neighborhood. Due to this, there an influx of wild turkeys in the area, foraging in the park and along the sidewalks. At times, the turkeys wander as far as the city; there was even one that found its way into a parking garage in the city. Above all, the locals enjoy seeing them.

Nashville, Tennessee: Dugger Heights

If living in a bustling music city like Nashville and loving nature at the same time is something that appeals to you, then neighborhoods like Dugger Heights and Porter Heights are interesting options that you need to review. Shelby Bottoms Greenway borders the area; this is a 960-acre green space that has bike trails, trekking paths and, most importantly, wild turkeys. The neighborhoods support a lot of wildlife; so, the turkeys are not the only ones there. The sprawling area of land is also home to deer, red fox, mink, and flying squirrels. They are more like fellow community neighbors too, as residents rarely freak out whenever they see any of them.

San Jose, California: Almaden Valley

The Almaden Valley is a peaceful, lush neighborhood just 15 minutes south of Silicon Valley’s bustling center, San Jose. This area is characterized by green features, as well as houses and streets. The area has more than a dozen parks, many trees, multiple lakes and rivers, and rolling green hills along the horizon. The scenery comes with, of course, the addition of wild turkeys. The climate and the wide variety of grasses and other food sources make the area a good home for turkeys. Even more, interestingly, the turkeys and humans in the region have found ways to harmoniously coexist.

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