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Top 5 Cheapest Houses for First-Time Buyers

Top 4 Cheapest Neighborhoods in the U.S.

Houses these days are getting very expensive. However, there are various places where houses can be purchased at easy prices, without having to break the bank. This article carefully examines the top 5 neighborhoods with the cheapest houses for first-time buyers.

Birmingham, Alabama

You can get a spacious and cheap cottage in this historic district for $179,900. If you are in the South East Lake region of Birmingham, you can easily observe the Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve to the East. This is a location where you can see turtles, owls, and historical architectural designs. The locals also believe in yard upkeep; according to a survey carried out in the area, more than 75% of respondents believed in keeping immaculate yards. Additionally, you will likely not experience issues with parking, as 86% of respondents reported that parking in the area is very easy. Most importantly, the neighborhood is very friendly and super affordable.

Detroit, Michigan

You can get a nice, cheap condo at $154,900 in Detroit, Michigan. This is a city that attracts people who are just starting a business or those looking to find a city with a considerably low cost of living. Apart from all of the aforementioned qualities, the main success of Detroit lies in the general community spirit that has manifested and spread to all areas of the community.

Atlanta, Georgia

This city is the great capital of the Peach State, and you can own a cheap house for $189,700. Even more, there is a lovely and cozy neighborhood about a 20-minute drive southwest, called Kings Forest. On the northern border of the little neighborhood is Melvin Drive Park; this park is great for tennis and picnics. You can easily live your life here, with maximum comfort.

Buffalo, New York

Get a cheap house at $189,900 in a quiet and convenient neighborhood. Although the homes in the Hamlin Park area of Buffalo look old, it is worthy of note that the energy is very young. Perhaps, that is because Canisius College is there. Even so, the neighborhood is extremely quiet. A drive from downtown Buffalo will take you to this location in less than 15 minutes. Even more, from this location, you can drive to Canada in less than 25 minutes.

Madison, Wisconsin

You can own a nice, customizable, cheap house close to a park for $185,000. Additionally, this area tops the charts for the best places to find work. That is because the job market in Madison is large; it has jobs for tech people, agriculture, health, life sciences, etc. There is a small neighborhood called Bram’s Addiction; the neighborhood offers closeness to the city and enough breathing space. Around here, you can visit Penn Park, Fischer Street Park, and Newville Park.

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