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Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Installing a Fireplace

Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Installing a Fireplace

Before adding a fireplace, there are some things that you need to understand. A fireplace can be a great addition to any home or rental property. However, you cannot just install one whenever and wherever you want. You need to give thought to the process. Thus, below are 5 things that you should know before you install a fireplace.

Look at Your Chimney

First, you need to get a chimney inspection. Ideally, you should get an inspection every year. Remember to use a licensed professional to complete this task. Otherwise, you can enter a smoky room one day, due to a clogged chimney.

Choose the Right Fireplace

There are a wide variety of options on the market. So, you need to choose the right option for your situation. If you want to install a fireplace that will heat up more than one room, this will result in an overheated main room. If heating efficiency is your main priority, consider getting a self-controlled heating appliance. This appliance will automatically increase or decrease the temperature.

A Gas Fireplace Is Great

Gas has many advantages over wood-based or coal-based heating options. Gas is far easier to start, and there is no mess; there is no ash to sweep and no chimney to clean. Thus, gas is an easier long-term option than wood or coal.

You Need a Professional Installation

The professional installation of a fireplace matters more than you might think it does. For example, how well the appliance is installed will determine its efficiency. A well-installed fireplace can decrease your heating costs. This means that your utility bills will be smaller. So, try to find a retailer that can give you a certified installation.

Decoration Is Important

Heating efficiency is an important point to think about. Of course, the decoration is just as important. Thus, you need to choose a fireplace that fits with the overall house theme. Older style homes do better with logs and embers. In contrast, modern homes might look better with electric options.

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