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Top Interesting Facts About Bill Gates’ House

Top Interesting Facts About Bill Gates’ House

After Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates is the second richest man in the United States. Given his substantial net worth, it is not surprising that Gates has an incredibly elaborate home. Below are the top most interesting facts about Gates’ house.

Climate Control

Every person receives a pin upon arriving at the house. Using their pins, they set up their temperature and lighting preferences. The home has sensors that interact with the pins; with these sensors, the system alters lights, sounds, and temperatures when the person moves around the house.

Digital Art

Instead of your average set of paintings, the house has $80,000 worth of computer screens on the walls. With the touch of a button, the guests can change the artwork as they wish.


There are many interesting rooms on the property. The complex is 2,500 square feet; there are 6 kitchens, 10 full bathrooms, and 14 half bathrooms scattered throughout the house. Additionally, the complex has a steam room, sauna, and separate locker rooms. Furthermore, there is a trampoline room that is equipped with 20-foot ceilings inside th exercise complex.

Home Theater

Bill Gates’ mansion has a special home theater that can seat 20 guests in individual plush movie seats and sofas. Of course, it also comes with a popcorn machine.

Tree Protection

Bill Gates has a favorite tree. It is a 40-year-old maple grows next to the driveway. He loves the tree so much that the tree is monitored 24 hours a day. Even more, the tree has its own irrigation system; the system automatically releases water to the tree if it gets too dry.

Stream to the Rescue

To prevent any runoff issues within the complex, there is an artificial stream and estuary system. It even holds salmon and tuna.

Caribbean Sands

This lakefront property has its own sandy beach. Furthermore, that sand comes by barge. It is imported directly from St Lucia, on an annual basis.

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