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Why You Should Never Complain About Your Real Estate Clients on Social Media

Why You Should Never Complain About Your Real Estate Clients on Social Media

All agents experience frustration with clients at some point, and sometimes they might want to share stories with the other agents who will understand. Hence, they can vent on social media. Creating a social media network with colleagues seem like fun, when you want to share that one funny client comment. However, before completing that next post, take a few minutes to think about it through. Below are reasons why you should never complain about your real estate clients on social media.

Real Estate Clients Are There

For real estate groups, online pages, and blogs, there are potential clients who might get random invitations to these platforms. Sometimes, they can view real-time posts and gossip from agents. When these clients see this lack of discipline, they tend to think poorly about those agents.

Even Innocent Jabs Can Be Taken Personally

You often do not start funny conversations to harm anyone, but it can be just as harming as it can be funny. If a client relates to a joke in any way, even if your story was about a past experience, the client might believe that you will not be willing to go into business with the client. The client might try to avoid the same issue that you are discussing with your colleagues.

Real Estate Clients Might Not Feel Comfortable Asking for What They Need

It is your job to provide guidance on the right home for a client. The client will often require detailed information, such as the benefits of the purchase. Benefits can include nearby schools, malls, amenities, and so on. If the client has prior knowledge of an instance in which an individual was mocked on social media for asking questions regarding a property, the client will not feel free to ask these necessary questions. Their assumptions can affect the workflow of the project.

Be certain that you want the public to read what you post on the internet, because such articles or comments can come back to haunt you in the future. It is better not to share information that can hurt someone’s feelings, just to be on the safe side. This is because just about anyone can make reference to your writings.

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