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WRES Fundamentals: Meet Our Keynote Speakers

From the crypto capital Miami with love!

In #October we are setting ourselves for an epic meta journey with our Web3 and Real Estate Summit! Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to dive deeper into the metaverse, blockchain, and digital assets on October 27 – 28th in Miami./

Propy is thrilled to welcome you to our second event this year – meet in person, chat with old friends, make new connections and of course, learn directly from leading entrepreneurs building the fundamentals of this new reality on-chain. You will uncover many secrets about Web3, crypto, NFTs, Real Estate, metaverse, digital marketing, innovations, how to attract new clients, and more.

Come and join us on #WRES2022 for a 360 investment experience in Real Estate on Web3!

And now it’s time to give you a sneak peek of our keynote speakers:

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano

If you are a crypto person, you definitely heard this name – Anthony Pompliano or simply Pomp! He is not only an investor and entrepreneur but also one of the most influential people in crypto. His podcast where many interesting people in business, finance, and Bitcoin share their bright ideas is a starting point for every person who found decentralization.

Chris Smith

How about gaining knowledge from the bestselling author of 4 business books? Chris Smith will join us and share magic marketing words you can use when explaining NFTs, crypto, and the metaverse so that you stand out as an innovator and thought leader. Chris is a co-founder of the well-known digital marketing company Curaytor so topics like using technology to make your client’s experience better are also on the list.

Tony Giordano

Tony is the founder and President of the luxury real estate marketing and advertising agency Opulent Agency. He is also a Crypto Real Estate Alliance Committee member. On #WRES2022 he will speak about unique online techniques which will help you understand how to sell houses for a better price.

Just a few weeks left!

Pack your suitcase, book a ticket, and come to the crypto capital to exchange innovative ideas.

See you in Miami!

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