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3 Tips for Building Trust Through Transparency and Tech

Being transparent and honest with your buyers and sellers is easier said than done. You may have heard about some real estate agents taking alternative routes that only offer short-term relief. They often do little when it comes to establishing long-term relationships. Such cases hurt the entire industry.

Real estate agents deal with varying situations and demands of buyers and sellers. That is why being fully transparent with the clients is difficult. 

Hiding things from clients, becoming defensive about reviews, or shying away from discussing pays and commissions unfortunately happen, and it never benefits agents. No matter how hard it may seem, if an agent isn’t honest and transparent with his clients, they lose out on opportunities in the long run.

On the other hand, when mastered, a tactful demonstration of transparency earns years of loyalty, credibility, and more referrals!  

Let’s plunge into the details to find out more reasons why transparency and honesty is a must-have quality of every real estate agent and how automated tools like Offer Management and Transaction Management can help them.

Transparency satisfies the consumer 

A common trend among customers is that they believe buying a house on their own is easy. They are not interested in paying commission to real estate agents and try to research deals online. They even visit several open houses and make offers. However, they underestimate the matrix of negotiation, creating and closing a property deal.

Running brokerages securely requires effective tools, particularly for transaction management. It completely eliminates the requirement of investing in multiple systems for managing transactions and keeping them transparent.  Both agents and parties can access the disclosures and documents used in the transaction. 

With tools like, Glide, Propy Offers, agents can maximize the client’s satisfaction by delivering a hassle-free, transparent experience by integrating everything concerning a deal before closing starts.

Transaction management allows the agent to make sure their client doesn’t miss out on getting their dream house because of the deadline. The toolset allows agents to maintain transparency so that their clients can trust them.

Remember that being transparent with clients when making deals can bring more value!

Transparency Helps Stay Compliant 

The 2008 real estate laws focus on mortgage lending. An agent is a real estate professional, and he needs to build a strong relationship with lenders. Otherwise, his reputation and credibility are at risk whenever he sends a customer to lenders. 

If a lender is not transparent and honest, it will reflect his professional dealings. Propy’s automated system offers effortless and easy-to-access compliance reviews. Agents can keep all transaction-related documents in check so that they know everything follows the law. 

Moreover, Propy’s offer management also adds to transparency by confirming emails with current updates. Agents can access files and data to search for legal properties. 

Ensure you know the one you work with and ask your clients to give feedback on whether they are satisfied with the transaction. 

Transparency Maintains Reputation

Today, clients are savvy when it comes to realities.  If they think something is not right, they can check it online. That means if you’re a new real estate agent, never lie as your license record is public information.  

Integrating automated tools like offer management and transaction management can help agents streamline the process and ensure transparency. With an email, clients can look for and submit offers. 

As agents and clients can find all transaction documents in one place, there is no room for discrepancies. It adds to the credibility of the agents, ultimately maintaining and improving the agent’s reputation. 

Summing Up

All in all, agents need to be sincere even when delivering bad news to buyers or sellers. However, the good news is that automated tools like Offer Management and Transaction Management can help agents become more transparent as it shares all the offers with the sellers. That makes Propy vital if you want fair real estate dealings.Call us for more information or visit our website to explore how Propy helps you become a transparent and honest agent.

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