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Why Agents are Slow to Adopt New Technology

Challenges and Practical Tips for Broker Owners

As the tech is transforming businesses all over the world, the real estate industry, including agents and brokerages, is also doing adjustments. More and more real estate agents embrace new technologies such as automated home buying processes to stay relevant. Technology has become a catalyst to bring a change in the real estate industry. 

Many tech-savvy millennials have constituted a large group of home buyers and sellers to stay afloat among evolving hi-tech trends. The aim is to learn how automated systems and digital tools can benefit agents and clients. However, with the cutting-edge new technology, according to globest, many real estate agents often resist the changes and avoid adopting them.

If you’re also struggling to adapt or want your agents on board with the new technologies, here are some tips. This article highlights some of the challenges and practical tips to get your agents to come out of their comfort zone and benefit from the advanced tools.

Difficulty in Learning New Tools

From an application that tells the names of colors on the walls to hi-tech tools that sharpen photos of house listings, real estate tech is growing more advanced with each passing day.  People who have been dealing with clients or running operations using traditional ways find it hard to learn or get familiar with the new tools.  

Although new tools like automated transaction management are convenient, some agents don’t adopt new technology.  Many avoid it because they think other agents are using the same tools. You must help your agents understand how new tech-tools can solve problems they are experiencing and add value to their performance.  

New technology like blockchain in the real estate industry is gaining popularity because it does anything from securing contracts to decentralizing property titles. Help your agents evaluate the value and features of a new tech tool. Highlight the pain points it can solve as it may increase the chances of them adopting the tools.

Lack of Support from Brokerage

Even when any new technology rolls out in the market, some agents continue using tried-and-tested methods. Sometimes the reason is the lack of support or knowledge. For instance, some agents still prefer using paper and pen to sign the agreements and contracts in person. Agents select low-tech options as they are easy-to-use or lack sufficient knowledge about tools like DocuSign and online notarization. 

This is when they need support in adopting efficient tools and understand how they can make everything seamless. 

Lack of Early Adopters

Resistance is not something uncommon when it comes to adopting new technology. Your agents may not want to learn a new system, and that can make adoption slow. However, to make your agents more receptive, you can get buy-ins from early adopters’ in your team. They are people who are proactive in embracing new tools and open to new things.  When agents like these share their experience of using new tech and tools, it can convince other agents to try new tools. 

Summing Up

In a nutshell, to encourage and motivate your agents to adopt tech and tools, you must support them and help them learn new things.If you need help to show your agents how new automated tools can improve productivity, visit our website and find webinars with leading broker owners who share tips on how they get a high rate of technology adoption.

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