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Top 4 Creepy Real Estate Properties That Will Make You Shiver

As a real estate agent, you have to believe that some properties are downright creepy. How potential buyers can perceive a property can make all the difference in whether you get an offer. In fact, in a recent survey, 42% of buyers said they would not even consider living in a house that they thought was haunted. With that in mind, we found some of the creepiest real estate properties around.

The Charming Forge Mansion

The name certainly does not sound creepy, but the backstory of this seven-bedroom Pennsylvania house certainly is very creepy. Local lore says the home had a bad omen in its very beginning. A young man was journeying to the house to begin a courtship that would soon go awry very quickly. Upon spying the target of his affection, the suitor stood up for a better glance. Then, his horse spooked and threw him to his death right on the doorstep of the property. There were haunting reports ever since.

The Uhli Home

Nestled in the former mining city of Silver City, New Mexico, the Uhli Home has paranormal happenings that are well-known. Mining cities in the Old West typically had rough histories; thus, the ghost stories surrounding this property should come as no surprise. Rumors are that the Uhli couple haunt this house.

The Schweppe Mansion

Few real estate properties are as picturesque as this 25,000 square foot estate overlooking the shores of Lake Michigan. However, there are stories that the original owners still haunt the property. The wife, Laura, died suddenly of a heart attack, leaving the estate to her children. Meanwhile, the husband deteriorated and committed suicide years later, leaving a baffling note. There are stories that the spouses visit several bedrooms in the estate.

The Creepiest of the Real Estate Properties: The Adam Griffin House

Two Confederate soldiers disguised themselves in Union blue, and they began the act of looting in New Orleans. Upon discovery, the boys tried to keep their disguises, but their plan failed. Knowing that, as enemy soldiers and looters, they would likely face the death penalty, the men bribed the guards. They got two rifles, and they shot each other to avoid capital punishment. This horrific tale happened in the Adam Griffin House. Stories are that they still reside there today.

The next time you face a problematic listing, just think of these creepy real estate properties. You can thank your lucky stars that you are not trying to sell one of these scary estates.

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