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Real Estate Feng Shui: 3 Things You Need to Know

Real Estate Feng Shui: 3 Things You Need to Know

Feng shui is a guideline on the placement and architecture of property to facilitate a good flow of energy. There are a few tips to have in mind when you look for your dream property.

History of the Property

When you conduct a research on a home, learn about its history of residents. Knowing what prompted the previous occupants to vacate the premises should always be a priority. You can ask neighbors and folks in the community if the previous occupants had a problem with the home’s maintenance, landlord, or something else. If, after these questions, you have some concern about the move, it is best that you find another property.

Examine the Road Placement in Front of the Property

The road placement might not seem like an important factor in how people perceive the energy of your home. However, it is important to feng shui; the road in front of your home should not point directly to your home. It is not advisable that you get an apartment at the center of a T-intersection. If your property is at this intersection; this symbolizes that constant energy flows straight down from the road into your building. According to feng shui, this is not good for either you or the home. This is because the Ch’i must flow constantly like air and avoid getting stuck in your home.

Pay Close Attention to the Surrounding of the House

You might also think that real estate has more to do with the building than its surroundings. However, that is not true. Examine the terrain closely. The external terrain of a home allows the buyer know what to expect of such property. If you buy the home, channel some energy into beautifying the landscape around it. This is because the visitors will get to judge the exterior surroundings.

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