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Alcoholic or Drug Addict Lives Next Door: What Can I Do?

Alcoholic and drug addict lives next door: what can I do?

Living next to a substance addict could sometime make your entire real estate decision regrettable. Alcoholics and drug addicts tend to create unnecessary disturbance and other types of unwanted behavior. Also, you are likely unsafe at all times, and their actions constantly attract break-ins and police-related issues. However, you can do something about it. The system has been designed to accommodate reports of disturbing acts from neighboring persons in every state.

Call Attention

First, call the attention to the disturbance and ongoing activities of the culprits next door. This is because you need to have initiated a conversation with these people before involving the authorities. Watch their actions before you report them to an agency, such as a social services agency.

If you are a landlord, you have the right to bring such tenants to a housing court when they violate their lease. However, there are more gentle steps to take before involving the judicial system. These steps include speaking with their direct family members and/or seeking the counsel of non-profit organizations.

Social Services Agency to Come to Your Aid

If the first step of calling attention to their behavior does not yield results, the next advisable thing to do is write to the nearest social services agency close to you. These agencies will request that you make a statement or report. Here, you will state the details and what actions you have taken to prevent these bad behaviors from repeating itself prior to your report. You need to do this before they come in and take the necessary actions.

Stay Back and Watch the Authorities Do Their Jobs

Now, stand back and wait for the authorities. It is only in our nature as humans to boast about our recent achievements. However, in this case, it is advised that you do quite the opposite of that. The social services agency has a large and wide range of individuals to attend to on a daily basis. Handling the situation with absolute maturity is what you need to do at this point.

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