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April with Propy

The last 30 days have been a whirlwind for everyone in the Web3 ecosystem. As builders and innovators, we know that effective guidelines and partnerships are key to success. That’s why we’ve been busy connecting with the right people to help us constantly evolve and provide new tools that streamline traditional processes while adding value.

In our commitment to spreading an innovative approach, we dedicated the month of April to forging new partnerships and attending events where Propy’s forward-thinking team met with professionals from a variety of industries to discuss trendy topics. We organized a special in-person event in St. Pete for real estate agents, where we dove deep into the latest Web3 technologies and their potential applications in the real estate world.

And we’re not slowing down anytime soon – in April we also announced a partnership with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, one of the largest brokerage networks in the U.S. This is just one of the strong fundamentals we’re putting in place to build a better future for the real estate industry. But this is just the beginning – let’s take a look at all of the events that kept working and buying.

Propy and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Last month we proudly announced our partnership with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, one of the largest brokerage networks in the United States. As leaders in Web3, blockchain, and digital assets transactions, Propy is now officially an XCEED Approved Provider, offering tens of thousands of network agents access to the exclusive education and blockchain-based tools we provide.

With our innovative technology and training, agents will be well-equipped to stay competitive in the rapidly changing real estate industry. Through this partnership, agents will have the knowledge and tools needed to better serve their clients and provide more streamlined home-buying processes using blockchain technology.

We are thrilled to bring cutting-edge technology and training to the XCEED Network and look forward to helping agents across the United States succeed in today’s real estate market.

Propy’s New Website

After building new services and products it was time to level up Propy’s website by providing an easy and more user-friendly way to find all of the tools we provide to buyers, sellers, and agents. After a few months of development, in April we launched a brand new and improved Propy website and wallet connection feature.

“The wallet enhancement will not only provide users with a more interactive and immersive experience, but it will also bridge the gap between the conventional Web 2.0 and the modern Web 3.0,” – stated our CEO, Natalia Karayaneva.

With its sleek and modern design and intuitive navigation menus, finding all the tools we offer has never been easier. Plus, we’ve made sure that every aspect of the website is mobile-responsive, so you can even manage your transactions on the go.

Take a Look at Our Fresh Website

For PRO holders

As the Propy site evolves so does the PRO token. People who were holding PRO tokens in their Ethereum wallets on 7/19/22 (~9000 addresses) can claim to participate in the 1 million total PRO tokens distributed!

More information on the PRO distribution

PRO partners with Unipilot

In order to optimize liquidity for PRO and make it more accessible in the Web3 space, in April we partnered with Unipilot – an innovative liquidity manager built on top of Uniswap V3. Uniswap V3’s concentrated liquidity feature allows greater capital efficiency for LPs. Unipilot enhances this by automating position management and maximizing capital efficiency, making it easier for users to participate in the Propy ecosystem.

Learn more about the benefits of this partnership

Propy Crypto Light Course

By focusing on education and adding value to real estate agents, last month we launched a Light version of our Crypto Certified Agent Light Course – a 1-hour masterclass! The Light Version provides an introduction to blockchain technology, smart contracts, NFTs, and their application in real estate and the best part is, it requires no test and there is no certification process.

The Light Course offers a step-by-step guide on how to NFT (non-fungible token) a property, the advantages of turning a property into an NFT, and how to explain the concept to customers. It also covers the process of recording a title deed on the blockchain, which simplifies the real estate transaction process and provides tamper-proof security and transparency.

Have you ever wanted to discover the world of blockchain, NFT properties & Web3 but didn’t know where to start? The Crypto Certified Agent Light Course will give you a basic understanding!

Get the Course Now

Propy at events

In April our team headed to St. Pete to host a Real Estate and Web3 meet-up for everyone who wanted to delve into some of the most pressing topics and current industry news. More than 50 real estate agents joined to discuss the impact of blockchain on real estate transactions, the emergence of Web3 technologies, and their potential applications in the real estate industry, as well as the exciting possibilities of the metaverse. The in-person event was led by our CEO Natalia Karayaneva, Eric Cruz, VP of Sales at Propy, Vonda Golub from Keller Williams Realty, and Gabrielle Channel from Channell Real Estate & Investments.

We also held Propy Mastermind where some of the most tech-savvy realtors shared their knowledge and picked some unique ideas from their peers. Some of the topics that were covered are diversification to Bitcoin and real estate, AI – ChatGPT, Midjourney, and how to benefit from this new technology in your daily tasks as a relator.

Natalia was invited to speak at Vonda’s Monthly Happy Hour with ARK Invest and the company CEO Cathie Wood. She was also among the speakers at Milken Institute Global Conference which convenes the best minds in the world to tackle its most urgent challenges and realize its most exciting opportunities. Natalia spoke on the latest developments and what they mean for industry professionals with Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon (Labs), and Robbie Ferguson co-founder of the leading platform for building web3 games on Ethereum Immutable.

With decentralized finance growing in popularity and many understanding that the current financial system is prone to collapse the CEO of Propy Title Anna Atencio and the CEO of Josip Rupena discussed how Propy and Milo’s innovative technology can streamline the home-buying process and make it easier than ever to finance your dream home.

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Meta Agents Update

We’re excited to update you on our MetaAgents NFT Avatars:

  • • We’re considering seasonal skins, companion project drops/claims, and events with POAP/points. These offerings will provide even more opportunities for holders to engage with the project and earn rewards. Read more here.
  • • A collaborative approach to artwork development. Vote on MetaAgents polls on MetaAgents Twitter. Read more here.
  • • We’ve been developing a new pixel art style inspired by this concept to bring our MetaAgents into the future. Read more here.

In conclusion, April was a busy and exciting month for Propy, as we continued to empower real estate agents with innovative tools to close transactions. But May promises to be even more significant, with big new announcements on the horizon, as well as our ongoing efforts to educate real estate professionals on how to leverage emerging trends to close transactions with Propy traditionally, with crypto, or as an NFT. As we look forward to the rest of the year, we remain committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that help streamline the real estate process for agents, buyers, and sellers. Stay tuned for more updates from Propy!

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