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Austin, Texas Is the Number One Place to Live in the United States

Austin, Texas Is the Number One Place to Live in the United States

In April, the U.S. News and World Report released its list of the 2019 Best Places to Live in the United States. Based on the factors of job prospects, affordability, and quality of life, Austin, Texas, took the number one spot. Meanwhile, Northeastern cities are declining in popularity for a myriad of reasons.

South, West, and Midwest Dominate “Best Places to Live” List

As shown in the latest “Best Places to Live” list, cities in the South, West, and Midwest are all climbing up the ranks. For the third year in a row, Austin, Texas, took the number one spot, followed closely by Denver at number two, Colorado Springs at number three, Fayetteville, Arkansas, at number four, and Des Moines, Iowa, at number five. The list was partially determined by using a public survey of thousands of people through the U.S. to find the qualities that these people thought were the most important in a hometown. Other factors, including rankings of the best hospitals and the best high schools, were also included in the equation.

Quality of Life in the Northeast Is Declining. Why?

For those looking at the top ten cities in this list, not a single Northeastern city is to be found. As number 19 on the list, only Washington D.C. is featured in the top 20. Portland, Maine ranked as number 23, and Boston ranked as number 27. While Northeastern cities are widely considered cultural centers with high education and economic development, they are not growing nearly as much as Texas, Florida, or California. Many Northeastern cities are expensive to live in, and they do not feature consistent job growth, affordable real estate, or high quality of life. For those looking to escape these areas to more favorable conditions, new technology offers a convenient way to purchase real estate.

Blockchain Technology Makes Moving to Austin, Texas Easier Than Ever

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