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How Brokerages Attract Top Producing Agents

Learning how to attract, hire, and retain top producing agents is not less than an art.  Brokerages need to develop a value proposition they can present to their potential agents. It can help brokerages show how working with them can further propel the real estate careers of agents.

Moreover, brokerages can make themselves indispensable to the agents by showing their number of listings and closed deals. They can also offer competitive tools, support the personal brand of agents, and invest in collaborative work culture. 

If you’re a real estate broker and want to attract top producing agents, here are some tips you can follow.

How to Attract Top Producing Agents and Transaction Coordinators

Invest in Hi-Tech Tools to Support Agent’s Growth

One way brokerages can attract agents is by incorporating advanced real estate technology. The new hi-tech tools are an indispensable part of the selling process of an agent. According to the latest Inman report, many agents and TC’s support tech tools and equipment overwhelmingly their brokerages provide them. 

Many agents both at independent and franchised brokerages hi-tech products daily. Small brokerages use the tools a few times a month or week.  There is no denying that many agents rely on brokers to share the cost of real estate technology. 

That is to say, that brokerages need to identify which technology motivates the agents.  It can help them determine the recruiting pitch of their candidates. 

Show Document Management

Paperwork, legal documents, and signatures make up a considerable part of the workweek of an agent. Transaction management software like Propy can help agents keep their documents organized and in a convenient place. Electronic document management is one thing brokerages can use to show agents their working mechanism. The document management tool is a value-add for both agents and clients. 

Provide Agents Listing Presence 

Providing agents MLS listings available on the website can be a huge boost to attract them. Agents prefer working with brokerages that allow them to add value to their online presence and provide them IDX (Internet Data Exchange) website. If you’re a broker, you can check out IDX website designs with Boston Logic, Placester, and BoomTown

Improve Your Agent Marketing

Marketing has evolved the real estate community in the past few years.  Brokerages who know how to support and promote their agents’ marketing efforts are valuable to top producing agents looking for ways to reach new prospects. 

Whether you have a marketing manager in a brokerage that creates content for a website or a dedicated blogger producing shareable content, the marketing efforts are crucial for your agents’ success. That is to say, by improving your agent marketing, you can easily attract experienced and top producing agents.

Summing Up

All in all, knowing what motivates or encourages agents and TC’s to join real estate brokerage is extremely important for brokers. Thus, the given tips are tried and tested to attract top talent and help retain them.

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