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Best Cities to Live in 2019

Best Cities to Live in 2019

Where you live can determine the quality of your life. Thus, no matter how great your city is, you will always be wondering about the best cities to live in. Are you currently living in one of them? You can find out below.

Best Cities to Live in 2019

Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand consistently makes the list of the world’s best countries, and its capital, Auckland, represents the nation well. The city still has a long way to go with affordable housing, but if you can buy a house there, you will soak in all of the location’s benefits. A temperate climate, world-class cuisine, beautiful beaches, and more make this city a true dream. If it was not so isolated from the rest of the world, it might be number one on this list.

Vancouver, Canada

Much like Auckland, Vancouver is not a cheap place, but the government is making moves to change that. Even with the high costs, living in Vancouver can be worth every penny. British Columbia is often called the “gem of Canada’s west coast” for its proximity to breathtaking mountains, crystal clear rivers and lakes, and outstanding beaches. The city of Vancouver is known for its diverse culture and top-tier education, and it is a hotspot that many international companies call home.

Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss cheese, chocolate, and watches are three good reasons to move to Zurich, but it gets even better than that. Year after year, Zurich ranks incredibly high on the list of best cities to live in. Fresh, healthy food is delivered daily from local farms, and the city is very walkable. Restaurants, nightlife, and shopping are all world-class, and the banking industry here is tough to beat, as well.

Vienna, Austria

Steeped in history and artistic beauty, Vienna tops our list of best cities to live in. Low crime, terrific school systems, cultural diversity, and vast amenities make this European city more appealing than the rest. Many think Vienna is just a “classical” city, but it does have its wild nightlife for those who want it. As for size, it is a bigger city, but it has a small-town feel. There are plenty of green spaces and public spaces to clear your mind when needed.

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