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The World's 1st Blockchain-enabled Title & Escrow

January with Propy

Embarking on the adventure of 2024, our dynamic crew at Propy kicked off the year with an electrifying burst of energy, poised to revolutionize the landscape of real estate transactions.

We unveiled a myriad of groundbreaking products designed to redefine the concept of homeownership, made waves at prestigious events, curated resources tailored for real estate mavens to flourish in the unfolding year, and underwent a stylish renovation of our Propy Title and Escrow website.

Eager to unravel the exciting chronicles of our January? Join us on this thrilling journey!

PropyKeys: Freedom of property rights

Embarking on a new venture in January, we introduced PropyKeys, a groundbreaking initiative poised to revolutionize the landscape of real estate ownership. With PropyKeys, the opportunity to mint addresses onchain is extended to everyone, ushering in a transformative era where property data stored on the blockchain becomes immutable. This not only mitigates the risk of fraud but also establishes a tamper-proof record of ownership.

As an integral part of the Propy ecosystem, PropyKeys goes beyond conventional property transactions by implementing a decentralized application (dApp). This dApp transcends transactional boundaries, aiming to redefine the core of property rights autonomy and consequently reshape societal norms. Users are able to upgrade their digital address to Tier 2 and Tier 3.

In January we had the first Miami Deed onchain.

Think of PropyKeys in a manner similar to domain names like or Vitalik.eth. Just as these domain names were minted years ago and later sold to brand owners, digital addresses operate on a parallel principle, enabling early adopters to reap the benefits of their foresight.

Want to mint an address?

Follow the step-by-step guide.

You can track the development of PropyKeys by following its X (Twitter) account.

$PRO token listed on exchanges

The Propy $PRO token has been officially listed on various exchanges in conjunction with the development of Real World Assets (RWA) within the innovative Propy ecosystem. Notably, it is now available on Coinstore, MEXC, and Huobi.

The trading pairs that have been initiated are as follows:

  • • MEXC exchange: Trading pair – PRO/USDT
  • • Huobi exchange: Trading pair – PRO/USDT
  • • Coinstore exchange: Trading pair – PRO/USDT

Top Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2024

Our unwavering commitment to empowering real estate agents with knowledge and keeping them abreast of the latest technological and AI developments has culminated in the creation of an extensive 19-page PDF. This resource is meticulously crafted to not only inform but also inspire agents to supercharge their professional endeavors in 2024.

A sneak peek into the contents reveals:

  • • Exploring the transformative impact of AI on professional headshots.
  • • Essential tips for tripling website conversion rates.
  • • Inspiring ideas for engaging Story and Reels content on Instagram.
  • • Crafting Luxury Marketing materials to enhance your brand.
  • • Unveiling the top 5 AI tools tailored for Realtors in 2024.
  • • A curated list of the top 10 must-follow real estate accounts for valuable industry insights.

Download the PDF now!

Propy at Events

In our recent monthly recap, our CEO Natalia Karayaneva delivered an insightful address at Inman Connect. Natalia talked about the transformative impact of the latest AI technologies on the real estate industry and their role in enhancing transactional transparency and security.

The speech highlighted the innovative strides that were taking place in the industry, setting the stage for a new era of real estate practices. For those who attended Inman Connect, our Propy booth provided an opportunity to meet our dynamic team and delve deeper into these groundbreaking discussions.

New Propy Title and Escrow website

During January, we completed a comprehensive renovation of our Propy Title and Escrow website. The primary focus was on aligning with the needs of agents to ensure their success, and we successfully identified the optimal way to consolidate all the benefits of Propy Title in a concise and easily understandable format.

A notable feature of the revamped website is a dedicated section allowing realtors to apply for marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and videos, streamlining the process of acquiring valuable promotional resources to attract leads.

Furthermore, we emphasized our commitment to Lead Generation Support through Propy Farm. This platform proved instrumental in enabling agents to identify ready-to-buy and sell clients, providing a direct avenue for contact. These initiatives collectively contribute to enhancing the overall experience for agents utilizing Propy services.

In summarizing January’s achievements, Propy emerged as a beacon of innovation within the real estate landscape. Emphasizing our commitment to bring the future of real estate, we continued to pioneer advancements, providing agents with actionable opportunities. As we reflect on January’s milestones, the thread of innovation remains woven into our initiatives, reinforcing our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments, as Propy continues to lead with innovation in the evolving real estate landscape.

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