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Top 3 Worst Money-Losing Mistakes in Real Estate

Top 3 Worst Money-Losing Mistakes in Real Estate

Avoiding all money-losing pitfalls in real estate might be impossible. However, minimizing them is achievable, and investors have the responsibility to do this. Below are the top three money-losing mistakes in real estate. Money-Losing Mistake: Miscalculating the Cost of Real

Here is why amateur real estate investors suck

Here Is Why Amateur Real Estate Investors Suck

A real estate investor’s first year in the market can be a hit or a miss. For many, this time includes harsh mistakes and more learning than they expected. Unfortunately, some of their mistakes will influence their clients, new tenants,

Investing in Vacant Land: 3 Things You Want to Know

Investing in Vacant Land: 3 Things You Want to Know

Finding the perfect piece of vacant land, as a real estate investor, is like winning the jackpot. Sometimes, however, getting an accurate value for that land can be tricky. To do so, you will need to bring in a few

Top 3 tips on how to choose your ideal tenant

Top 3 Tips on How to Choose Your Ideal Tenant

Choosing the right tenant for your property can be a stressful endeavor. You can never be too careful with whom you let into your space. So, we will help you set some boundaries. Hire a Property Manager Employing the services

How to be better at managing your real estate documents

How to Be Better at Managing Your Real Estate Documents

The process of buying and selling real estate includes signing an abundance of real estate documents. Those real estate documents are easy to lose, so organization skills are necessary. With this type of business, one needs to be efficient. If